Tools for Media

As a media professional, you need sophisticated visuals that are easy to create. When you buy Google Earth Pro and sign up for a broadcast license, you can take advantage of Google Earth Studio to build elements and timelines using your browser, and then export videos using Movie Maker on your desktop.

Google Earth Studio

When telling a story on the map, you need labels and borders to highlight areas of interest, and a timeline to go with the narrative. With Google Earth Studio it’s as easy as a few minutes of typing, clicking, and dragging — all within your browser, no need for any other graphics editing. You can enjoy the satellite and 3D imagery, along with the other features on Google Earth, simply and with much more control. Some of the top features include the following:

  • Styled labels

    Quickly change text and image labels, fixed to a geographic point, either facing the camera or overlaid on the ground. There are plenty of options for font, size, shadow, color, and more.

  • Borders

    Generate country and state/province borders with custom coloring, thickness, opacity, height, etc. In certain countries, we also offer county, postal code, and electoral boundaries.

  • Timeline Editor

    Bring elements and camera views together in the linear timeline editor. Fade labels on and off, circle around a point, and bounce between views however quickly you like. To record a video, just export your completed timeline, and render with Movie Maker.

  • Tweaks for air

    Move (but don’t remove!) the Google logo and attribution, compose your views with title-safe guides, work in the target resolution, and more.

  • Work collaboratively

    All your work is saved online, in secure workgroups. If you’re in a rush, one person can create labels while another builds the timeline. Or a reporter can compose a full scene from the field, and ask a graphics colleague to tweak, download, and render the video in the office.

Movie Maker

Google Earth Pro can export videos in all major video resolutions, using the codecs on your computer, with QuickTime on the Mac and AVI and WMV on the PC. If you need DVCPRO in 1080 HD, we’ve got you covered. Simply build a tour, either with Google Earth Studio or within Google Earth Pro, turn on the layers you want, and use the Movie Maker function to export a pixel-perfect video. For high-resolution videos with a lot of 3D buildings, we suggest using a powerful computer.

Keep up with the news

Our broadcast partners may receive timely alerts related to using Google Earth to cover breaking news, and occasional updates on product improvements and content of interest to the media. When you receive your broadcast license, you will be added to the email list and may opt-out at any time.