Google Maps API for Business Licensing for Nonprofits

As a part of Google Earth Outreach, we grant Google Maps API for Business licenses to qualifying organizations who demonstrate a need for internal map deployments (behind a login or on an intranet) or who demonstrate needs for the advanced features of Business licensing. If you want to embed a simple map into your website, you don't need Maps API for Business. Just follow the simple instructions on the Get Maps page. Compare editions.

Get started using the free Google Maps API.

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American Red Cross New York in Greater New York maps internal data with Google Maps API for Business

The American Red Cross of Greater New York publishes maps on their public website, plotting disaster responses within the Greater New York area for example, as you can see to the left. They also use Google Maps API on an internal level in order to work with non-public sets of data, showing specific details, such the level of disaster assessment, that are better suited for internal use only.

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Google Maps API for Business offers:

  • Internal map deployments (e.g. behind a login prompt or on an intranet). *Note: SSL is now supported with the free API
  • Geocoding limits for over 2500 geocode requests per day *see note on Geocoding Strategies below
  • Technical Support (however, the support team will prioritize paying customers over grantees)
  • Additional Benefits, such as increased quotas for Directions Web Service, Distance Matrix Web Service, and more. Learn more.

Geocoding limits

If your site needs increased geocoding limits, set up client-side geocoding (instead of server-side geocoding). This Geocoding Strategies article explains how to increase geocoding limits using the free API. If your organization would like to display a map with increases geocoding limits and you already have set up client-side geocoding or you have to use server-side geocoding, Maps API for Business may be the right solution.

Internal map applications

If your organization would like to create maps that will not be shared on a public domain, we encourage you to apply for Maps API for Business. Eligible nonprofits who are accepted into the program can access the Google Maps APIs (Javascript and Static) and Earth API from behind a firewall. An example would be a disaster relief organization who wants to map information that they can't release on a publicly accessible map.

Eligibility and How to Apply

All organizations must be able to provide proof of charitable tax-exempt status and meet our Policy Guidelines.

In the United States - Click "Apply for a Grant" to apply for Google Maps API for Business or to renew an existing grant. If accepted into the Google for Nonprofits program, you will qualify to enroll for Google Maps API for Business, and other grants programs. You must fill out specific product enrollment forms for each different product. There will be another waiting period up to 2 weeks while your Google Maps API Premier grant request is being reviewed.

To be eligible for a grant, organizations must have current 501(c)(3) status, as assigned by the Internal Revenue Service and meet the other Google for Nonprofits eligibility requirements.

Other countries/regions - We are currently accepting applications from eligible charitable organizations based in:

Please click on your country or region name above to be guided through the eligibility requirements and application process. If your country is not listed, we regret that we have not yet launched this grants program in your country yet.