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Annotate Google Earth

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Import GPS data into Earth

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Create a map with Custom Maps

Embed Maps in your website

Add placemarks (or points), paths (or lines), and polygons to Google Earth. Then embed images and YouTube videos to your balloons.

Easily drape your images and maps over the terrain, and overlay your photographs in the places they were taken to create a photographic tour!

Add perspectives and views to your placemarks to control how someone sees your data when they double-click on it, or play a tour.

Record and narrate a guided tour so you can tell your unique story to your users - they simply start the tour in Earth, then sit back, relax, and learn.

Easily embed your Google Earth project and tour into your website using the Embed KML and Embed Tour gadgets.

Learn how to import GPS data into Google Earth.

Learn how to import vector and raster GIS data into Google Earth.

Use Custom Maps to mark points, lines, and polygons on a personalized Google Map, and share it with multiple people!

Easily embed your Custom Map, a map of driving directions or search results, or a map created by other users into your website or blog.

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