Google Maps Engine

Create and share custom Google Maps at scale

Bring the power of Google Maps to your organization with Google Maps Engine. Layer your data on top of Google’s base map and create your own maps and geospatial applications that are supported by Google’s reliable, world-class infrastructure.

Offering both a platform solution and professional application, Google Maps Engine enables a full spectrum of maps creation. Learn more and decide which edition is right for you.

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Google Maps Engine platform capabilities


Create maps intuitively using Google Maps’ easy-to-use and familiar technology.

Build multi-layered, comprehensive maps, augmenting Google’s rich and accurate map content.


Share custom-made Google Maps anytime and anywhere and publish them at-scale.

With compatibility across Google products, such as Google search, Google Earth and the more than 1M maps being powered by the Google Maps API, your maps can be discovered by the world.


Build geospatially enabled applications on top of Google’s fast and reliable cloud.

Develop on any platform—web, Android, iOS, server, GIS software—to build endless applications, like store locators, crowd-sourced maps, or asset management apps.

Manage your maps - not servers

Google Maps Engine’s core platform capabilities - Map, Share, and Build - are all made possible by Google's fast and reliable cloud infrastructure. Provide secure, cross-platform access to maps for developers and unlimited users. Manage your maps using Google’s cloud infrastructure and let your users rely on map data that is always up to date.

Google Maps Engine Pro

PureFix testimonial
PureFix uses Maps Engine Pro to manage crucial business reporting and scheduling processes.

Discover your data on a map - not on a spreadsheet

Layer your business data on a map and see information in more insightful, actionable ways. Import data from a spreadsheet or database, including addresses, names, commercial locations and sales territories, into a map and easily share information with stakeholders. Built as a packaged application on top of the Google Maps Engine platform, Maps Engine Pro lets individual employees and information workers create their own stylized maps - no specialized training or developer resources required.

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Which maps creation tool is right for you and your organization?

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Developer /
Software Vendor

Embed Google Maps into your custom applications and enable web services and visualization using Map Engine’s API suite.

Enterprise IT /
GIS Manager

Realize the benefits of Google Maps innovation for your organization. Get your GIS data in the cloud and provide reliable mapping tools to your employees - without heavy GIS investments.

Business Professional /
Information Worker

Collaborate with teams and make more informed decisions by seeing your data on a familiar map interface. Style and edit multi-layered maps with simple mapping tools.

Public Data Provider

Distribute your map content to the world using Google Maps Engine. Allow stakeholders to easily find your maps online via Google.

Compare Editions

Features Maps Engine Pro
Maps creation tool for the business professional
Maps Engine
Fully supported, cloud-based mapping platform
Map size Thousands of points, lines, or polygons Millions of points, lines, or polygons
Import types Spreadsheet or CSV Spreadsheet, CSV, KML, Shape files, and images (docs)
Geocoding Up to 2000 addresses per layer Up to 100K addresses per dataset (limits)
Map styling Basic Advanced
Drawing tools Yes No
Developer APIs No Yes (docs)
Map publishing Share or embed with Google map viewer Publish on the web or use in your apps
Imagery and floorplans No Yes
Interoperability and connector tools No Safe Software data loader (download); ESRI (download) and QGIS tools (download)
Pricing Per seat (learn more) Usage based (learn more)