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ToutApp: Sales E-Mail Tracking, Templates and Analytics for Gmail and CRM
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Tout makes it easy to manage, track and follow up on your sales/biz-dev emails. It integrates into Gmail and bridges the gap with your CRM.

  • Realtime insights into your sales emails
  • Emails written faster with smart templates
  • Integrates into Gmail, auto-updates CRM

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Tout bridges the gap between Gmail and your CRM.

With Tout, you can send Emails faster, automatically track their effectiveness, and even keep you CRM software up to date.

• Automatic View and Click Tracking for Emails
• Customizable E-Mail Templates
• Analytics and Reports
• Robust team features
• Deep CRM integration
• Real-Time "Email Activity Feed"™

With Tout, you'll be able to:
✓ Email Sales Prospects Faster, our extension automatically detects email addresses in web pages
✓ Know what happens after you hit "Send" on your emails. Are they viewing it? Is it being passed around in the organization? Did they click on your link? Tout gives you the sales intelligence necessary to gauge engagement and interest.
✓ A/B test your messaging easily and see which hook works better for getting their attention or closing that deal.
✓ Quite Simply: save about 2 minutes per email
✓ And lastly, never have to say "I forgot to update the CRM..." -- Tout does it automatically.

ToutApp was featured on NY Times, LifeHacker and was even noted to be one of the "Seven Essential Apps for your Sales Team" by

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Free Trial on our Team Plan. Plans starting at $30/month/user.

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