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Nimble - Social CRM
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Boost your sales, marketing and customer service performance with the only social CRM that integrates your Google email, contacts and calendar with Twitter, Facebook, ;and Outlook.

  • Unify your contacts, calendars and communication
  • Listen and engage with your social community
  • Easily collaborate with your team and track sales

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Nimble combines your social networks, Google Mail, Google Contacts and Google Calendar into one dashboard so you can focus on listening, engaging and nurturing relationships.


➤ Lead generation: Find and engage targeted leads on social networks

➤ Marketing support: Import leads directly into Nimble and begin nurturing them socially

➤ Customer service: Show you value customers by monitoring and responding to their concerns, in real-time, across all of your networks


➤ Contact Management: All your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Gmail, Outlook contacts in one place

➤ Unified Inbox: Send and receive emails, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn messages using one inbox

➤ Activity Management: Easily manage tasks, events and calendars

➤ Social Engagement: Monitor your social stream and engage in relevant conversations

➤ Team Collaboration: Know what your team is working on and share information with them

➤ Integration with MailChimp, Wufoo and HubSpot to create a full closed loop marketing system


“Nimble is a visionary product. Finally, someone has figured out social CRM and made it simple, fun and efficient. I predict that Nimble will leapfrog all traditional CRM solutions.”

-Gerhard Gschwandtner, Editor, Selling Power Magazine

Nimble is making it easy for business owners to keep track of relationship activity without the normal customer relationship management challenges of doing so.

-TJ McCue, Small Business Trends

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14-day Free Trial. $15/user/mo thereafter.

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  • Calendar (Read/Write, does ...
  • Contacts (Read/Write)
  • Email (Read/Write/Send)
  • User Provisioning (Read only)