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Hero Attach
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Enhance your Gmail with Hero Attach. Send up to 25Mb emails to anyone – even non-gmail users! Track attachments, know who and when downloaded.

  • Up to 25Mb emails to anyone (even non-gmail users)
  • Track attachments – who and when accessed
  • Save storage, bandwidth and email transit time

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Hero Attach enhances your ability to send files with your Gmail account. With Hero Attach all users in your domain will be able to do things like:

* Send a proposal to a client and know if and when he downloads it. No more guess work and perfect follow up timing!

* Send up to 25mb of attachments to gmail and non-gmail users. Without Hero Attach the common limit for non-gmail accounts is only 10Mb!

Hero Attach keeps attachments from clogging up bandwidth and storage space by only sending attachments when recipients are interested.

It works for every client platform – webmail, cell phone and desktop clients.

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