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Siasto - The BEST Way to Manage Your Projects
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Siasto is the #1 project manager on the web, and it's connected to all the tools you already use!

  • Easy for anyone to use for any project.
  • Get started INSTANTLY, no credit card required.
  • Sync with Google Apps, Dropbox, Drive, and Box.

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Siasto is a flexible, powerful, and cutting-edge way to manage your projects, tasks, files, and events. It was designed from the ground up to simplify your workflow and keep your team/clients on the same page. Plus it integrates with the apps you already know and use, so it's easy to get started.


* Invite UNLIMITED colleagues, clients, and partners to your projects.
* Sync with Google, Dropbox, Box + more services on the way.
* Super intuitive and easy for anyone to use.
* Edit Google docs/spreadsheets from within Siasto.
* Turn emails into tasks, documents, and events with our new Gmail widget.
* Powerful calendar for tracking tasks and events.
* Organize files with folders and drag-and-drop.
* Customize Siasto with your logo, colors, subdomain, and login page.
* Intuitive overview page with access to all parts of a project.
* Discussions with email integration.
* Reminder for tasks and events.
* Top notch customer support.
* New features every week!


* Small Businesses
* Web Designers
* Consultants and Contractors
* Tech Startups
* Customer Support
* Non-Profits
* Admissions
* Architects
* Marketing
* Attorneys
* Teachers
* Students
* Sales
* HR
* IT
* ...and more

If you have a project that needs to get done, if you work alone or with a team, if you want something flexible, powerful, and professional: Siasto is for you! Get started INSTANTLY!

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Free for unlimited users with 2 projects FOREVER!

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Data access requirements
  • Calendar (Read-Write)
  • Calendar (Read/Write, does ...
  • Contacts (Read/Write)
  • Docs (Read/Write)
  • Mail - Raw Subject Line
  • Mail - Sender Address
  • Mail - Subject Line
  • Tasks (Read/Write)