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Capsule CRM
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Capsule is a simple, flexible CRM for small businesses and sales teams. Capsule makes it easy to keep track of your customers and other contacts, your sales opportunities and follow-ups.

  • One turbo-charged address book for your company
  • Keep track of your sales pipeline and activities
  • Works with Google Apps. No separate login required

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Google Apps is a great collaboration suite, but it does little to help you take care of your contacts or ensure you're making the most of opportunities with them.

Capsule provides the missing tools to better manage customers and other contacts.

Capsule works alongside Google Apps to:
- Manage one set of contacts for your business and share with users in your Google Apps account
- Know who said what and when, by including emails and notes in the history of a contact
- Get a sales pipeline dashboard that tracks sales opportunities, value and when to follow-up
- Ensure follow-up by creating tasks about customers and opportunities that can be shared with co-workers
- Create custom fields that help track, categorise and list data in ways that suit your business
- Access Capsule straight from Google's universal navigation - no separate username or password required
- See contact details inside Gmail when you receive an email.

Capsule also integrates with popular web accounting and invoice applications such as FreeAgent, FreshBooks, KashFlow and Xero to give a complete history of invoices and payment status for customers. Other popular integrations include MailChimp for email marketing, and our contact form for getting leads straight into Capsule from a website.

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Pricing Details
First 30 days is free. Then just US$12 / user / month (or £8 / user / month in UK/Europe)

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Data access requirements
  • Contacts (Read/Write)
  • Email (Read/Write/Send)
  • User Provisioning (Read only)