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Harmonie for Google Docs
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Harmonie for Google Docs is a full-featured client for Google Docs which makes it easy to access and share documents on Google Docs, directly from Microsoft Outlook.

  • Drag, drop, share
  • Find documents easily from Outlook

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Harmonie for Google Docs is a free sidebar for Microsoft Outlook 2010 and 2007 that eliminates the need to use e-mail attachments. The beta release transforms Microsoft Outlook into a powerful collaboration console, with full-featured access to your Google documents. Locate, share, and work on Google documents quickly and easily, directly from your e-mail.

Main Features:
- Drag files to the Harmonie sidebar to upload and convert them to Google documents.
- Share Google documents automatically. Harmonie automatically shares linked document with recipients as you send a message. Recipients simply click the link in the message to open the document in their browser. They don’t need Harmonie installed.
- Replace attachments with links. When you send an attachment, Harmonie for Google Docs asks if you want to upload the attachment to Google Docs and send a link instead.
- Search document contents on Google Docs from the Harmonie search box.
- Open and edit Google documents in Outlook.
- Share Google documents with other people. Harmonie suggests users from both your Outlook and Gmail contacts. So it's never been easier to share documents with all your contacts; there's no need to worry about finding contacts from multiple address books.
- Save Google documents in Microsoft Office format. Convert documents to popular file formats as you download them to your Desktop. Harmonie can export Google documents to Office, OpenOffice, PDF, RTF, HTML, TXT, and image formats.


Version v1.2