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Gantter Project
3  star(s) is a powerful, web-based Project Management Tool that requires no software to be installed and allows you to save and share your project schedules from our cloud!

  • Web-based
  • Import MS Project files
  • Integrates with Google Drive

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Vendor is a FREE enterprise cloud based project scheduling application that optionally integrates with Google Drive. Gantter features all the power of leading desktop scheduling Software products without users having to buy or install anything – it is completely free and requires nothing but a web browser. Gantter also allows you to easily import and open your existing Microsoft Project files.

Whether you are planning a complex project like a large construction project, rolling out a new website, managing a big IT project, or simply planning your next home renovation, Gantter is the tool for you. Gantter provides a gallery of project templates that help you build your schedule in a fraction of the time it would take if you were starting from scratch. Gantter’s integration with Google Drive allows you to easily save and open schedules directly to and from Google Drive. You can also share your schedules with other users via Google Drive and collaboratively edit and chat while your project is open - in realtime over the web.

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Currently there is no cost to use the full features of Gantter.

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Data access requirements
  • Calendar (Read/Write)
  • Contacts (Read/Write)
  • Docs (Read/Write)
  • Spreadsheets (Read/Write)