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Google Model Your Town Competition

The 2010 winning town is Barranco, Lima, Peru!

Over 46,000 votes were cast to determine the winner of the Google Model Your Town Competition from five finalists.

Jorge De Albertis

Jorge De Albertis Bettocchi, a 38 year-old corporate business attorney, modeled the Barranco District of Lima in Peru. He entered the competition to generate pride among his fellow citizens and have his 3D models serve as a tool for tourism, promotion, investment, and preservation of Barranco’s historic architecture. In addition, the public schools in the community are in need of financial resources.

In the next few months a team from Google’s Boulder office will visit Jorge and the Barranco community to recognize his efforts. Congratulations, Jorge!

Take a 3D tour of Jorge’s models in Google Earth (make sure you have Google Earth 5 installed).

See the 3D models collection of Barranco, Lima.