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Welcome to Setswana Wikipedia Challenge

Training date

Contest dates - New Extended Deadline!

  • 17th October – 27th January 2012

Interim prize winners announced.

  • 15th November 2011
  • 16th December 2011

Final prize winners announced.

  • 27th January 2012

We invite you to take part in this challenge to create Wikipedia articles in Setswana. We hope to make the online experience richer and more relevant for speakers of Setswana in Botswana and other parts of the world.

You’ve never created a Wikipedia article before? No problem. We will have training available at the start of the competition. The articles you create will be attributed to you, which will earn you instant and lasting online fame, and prizes will be given away to the winners who qualify. You could win a mobile phone, netbook or even the grand prize to attend Wikimania 2012 in Washington DC, USA! All participants who meet the set criteria will receive a certificate of participation from Google for your efforts.

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What is the Setswana Wikipedia Challenge?

This is your opportunity to bring Africa's information online by creating Wikipedia articles in Setswana. You can participate by translating English Wikipedia articles into Setswana or by writing your own articles from scratch. You can choose your own topic to write about. Are you a pursuing a degree in Physics? Translate the entry for 'condensed matter'. Studying literature? Write an entry on your favorite local author. Or translate an article about your favorite musician or sports team. Just think about what topics would be of interest to many Setswana speakers in Botswana and around the world.


The Setswana Wikipedia Challenge is open to students enrolled in participating schools and individuals who are passionate about Setswana.

For full details of eligibility, please see the official rules.

How it will work

As a participant, you will be either creating original Wikipedia articles or translating existing Wikipedia articles to Setswana. If you're creating a new article, you will do so via’s entry tools. If you're translating articles from English, you will use the Google Translator Toolkit, which integrates with Wikipedia so that you can upload your new article from there. Once you register, you will receive information on the venue and time for a one-day training. The training will include how to create Wikipedia articles with the help of the Google Translator Toolkit as well as a general overview of Wikipedia. All articles submitted will be reviewed by the Wikipedia Challenge Jury members who will assess the quality of your article and assign a ‘point’ per article.

Winners and prizes

Winners of the prizes will be determined by a point system taking into consideration the number of articles submitted and the quality of the articles. We will also award prizes to second place participants and runners up.

The Grand Prize is a trip to attend Wikimedia Foundation’s annual conference in Washington DC, USA! Other prizes include netbooks, android phones, wearable Google gear and more. Participants will also receive a certificate of participation.

Please contact if you have any questions.

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