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GM - Making All The Same Mistakes?
Buying these assets will do little to help turn around Opel, Vauxhall, and the remainder of GM's European operations. It will do little to help GM expand further into China and India. It will add some cash flow, but cash flow has been strong for the ...
GM Said to Plan Bid for Ally in Europe, Latin America  Bloomberg
Does General Motors Lose $49000 On Each Volt?
The number is large enough to devastate investors in the company (including the government) who are looking for a return on their investment.
Insight: GM's Volt: The ugly math of low sales, high costs  Reuters
Why GM Actually Is Getting Its Money's Worth From The Chevy Volt  International Business Times
Why General Motors Is Not Headed For Bankruptcy Again
Just as much as Obama wants GM to do well, I believe Woodhill wants GM to do badly to prove that the company shouldn't have been bailed out.
General Motors Reorganization: Will The Glory Days Be Back?
As we have already mentioned in our previous report regarding General Motors (NYSE:GM), one of the important catalysts for the company was a change in its management style. On August 17, the reorganization was formally announced by CEO Dan ...
Ford Vs. General Motors: The Value Investor's Dilemma
General Motors has come under criticism in recent years, not only for accepting government bailouts in the height of the recent financial crisis (which still affects the company due to the government's ~1/4 stake in company equity) but because it's ...
Will GM Get To $53? And If So, How?
The ties between GM and the government have been in a state of continuous tension after the latter rejected GM's proposition that the state sell off its stake in the company. This was a recap of an earlier episode in the summer, when GM wanted to buy ...
US Balks at GM Plan  Wall Street Journal
GM Can't Escape The Catch-22 Of Getting Bailed Out  Business Insider
Chrysler, Ford Motor Company & General Motors Report Strong Sales
The sales of the three major car companies in the United States, including Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F), General Motor Company (NYSE:GM), and Chrysler, reported strong sales performances for the month of August. Ford Motor Company's sales jumped ...
August US Car Sales Surge  Wall Street Journal
Gas Prices Rise, but So Do Auto Sales  New York Times
Canadian Auto Workers Union and GM Agree on Contract
OTTAWA - General Motors of Canada and the Canadian Auto Workers Union announced a tentative contract on Thursday night, about 72 hours after the union settled with the Ford Motor Company of Canada. But the union and Chrysler Canada appeared ...
CAW reaches deal with General Motors  Globe and Mail
CAW reaches tentative agreement with General Motors  National Post
Did President Obama save the auto industry?
There is no question that General Motors and Chrysler are profitable today. But so is Ford, a company that received no financial aid at all.
3 answers to the auto bailout debate  CNNMoney
Auto bailout was not unmitigated success  Washington Post
Innovation Agents: Mary Barra Drives The Future Of GM
GM's Mary Barra, the highest-ranking woman in the automotive industry, talks to Fast Company about where she sees Detroit headed post-bailout, how the Volt reenergized her team in its darkest hours, and how to make cars that capture the imagination.