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Prometheus Energy and Seneca Resources Sign LNG Services Agreement
Seneca Resources Corporation, the exploration and production segment of National Fuel Gas Company explores for, develops, and purchases natural gas and oil reserves in California and Appalachia.
Seneca Resources Announces Plan to Convert Marcellus Drilling Rigs to ...  Business Wire (press release)
Prometheus signs deal with Seneca to supply LNG
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Gas Boom Means US Exports Grow Fastest Rate Since '70s
National Fuel Gas Co. plans to reverse an existing pipeline so that it can move gas into Canada through Niagara Falls, New York, said Sandra James, a spokeswoman.
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Energy Issue as Proxy in Obama, Romney Campaigns
It was a comeback to an earlier spot by Americans for Prosperity, the tea party group linked with energy conglomerate Koch Industries, which had attacked Obama for the bankruptcy of Solyndra, the solar company that defaulted on a $535 million federally ...
Romney and Obama Ignore Coal's Dark Side  Bloomberg
Long Islanders Ask Important Questions During 2nd Presidential Debate Of 2012  International Business Times
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Calif. gas prices spike at $5 per gallon
If gas prices keep rising, Olson said they'll sell her husband's Infiniti G35 that requires premium fuel and buy a more efficient car, while making their children ride their bikes to their activities.
California's Green Gas Shortages  Wall Street Journal
California Gas Prices Reach An All-Time High  Huffington Post
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Daily Disclosure: Koch-funded groups attack Obama for 'war on coal'
The Institute for Energy Research has also received funding in the past from ExxonMobil, National Public Radio reported in 2008, as well as other foundations affiliated with energy executives.
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How Does Climate Change Factor into Decision 2012?
Coral Davenport has been investigating what's behind the change as the energy and environment correspondent for The National Journal. FRONTLINE ... Republicans have sold climate regulation as something that will hurt jobs, that it will probably ...
Why Climate Change Has Become the Missing Issue in the Presidential Campaign  TIME
Global Warming At The Presidential Foreign Policy Debate: The Elephant In ...  Huffington Post
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Company Says It Can Make Fuel out of Thin Air
Air Fuel Synthesis, a small British company, has found a way to combine basic elements from air and water into usable fuel. By Emma O'Connor Oct. 23, 20120 ... The process is, of course, still in its early stages and it relies on electricity from the ...
UK Researchers Create Oil Out of Thin Air and Water  Medical Daily
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Natural gas eyed as fuel for trains
Although rail companies have been coy in public about the potential of natural gas for locomotives, citing nascent technology and few real-world examples of gas-powered trains, they are exploring the option aggressively. "The interest level, as you ...
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Romney's Goals on Environmental Regulation Would Face Difficult Path
He also has said he would revisit a recently announced fuel economy standard for cars and light trucks that would double fuel efficiency to an average of 54.5 miles per gallon for the 2025 model year while markedly reducing greenhouse gas emissions ...
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Carbon Tax: Will Tweedle Dum Snatch Defeat From the Jaws of Victory?
As economist David Kreutzer explains, �Whether CO2 is restricted by levying a tax, imposing caps, or by mandating regulations, the associated energy cuts will lead to lost economic activity.
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