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Exxon and Imperial Oil Forced To Go Around Sensitive Idaho River Valley
The oil and gas boom engulfing Canada and the U.S. is occurring at a scale unlike anything before - and that includes its infrastructure.
Cockroaches Get Lonely, Kind of (But a Little Feather-Poking Can Help)
That may sound familiar to us humans, but let's not dive too far into anthropomorphism here. The review's authors suggest that for cockroaches, social contact is quite literal: in their normal group-living environment, cockroaches crawl all over each ...
What People in 1859 Thought of the Great Solar Storm (Hint: They Were Very ...
Nuclear generated power and diesel generated power and hydro generated power all make the same kind of electricity, the kind that works and runs things for us. Once a nuke is running it has the power to run all of it&#39s own subsystems, even the air ...
Sourcemap: Slick App for Tracking the Supply Chain for Your Laptop (or Tuna or ...
If you've ever wondered where all the parts in your laptop came from, take a second to look at this map—or maybe a few minutes, because it is a dense, complicated web.
Come For the Beautiful "Glass Gem" Corn; Stay for a Dose of Genetics
I wish I could breed them all like this, but ears like this are rare. To reproduce another ear like this one the right color of kernel on this ear must be planted, and I don&#39t know which color that is.
Why Are 90% of Asian Schoolchildren Nearsighted? From Doing What You're Doing Now
With glasses, contacts, and LASIK surgery, most of us nearsightedness folks don't have to worry about squinting at the blackboard anymore.
No More Midnight Snacks? Mice That Eat at Odd Hours Get Fat
Diets tell you what you eat, but a new study suggests when you eat matters too. Of two groups of mice who were fed the same high-fat diet, the mice who could eat around the clock were much heavier than those who had food restricted to eight hours per ...
What's in Spam with Bacon? Tasty, Tasty Chemistry
You'd be surprised what's in your lunch. When you look closer at what makes your American cheese melt well and your hotdog so delicious, you might cringe for a few minutes, but hopefully you also get curious about what other characteristics we like in ...
At 96, Historian Lewis Reflects On 'A Century'
Over his long academic career, Bernard Lewis has arguably become the world's greatest historian of the Middle East. Now, at 96, Lewis turns his attention inward in a memoir that looks back on his life, work and legacy.
New Surveillance Program Listens For Gunshots, Get Police There in Minutes
@JDoors: U.S. law generally allows unlimited public video surveillance but places strict limits on interception of audio. While your actions in public are presumed to be public, there is still a reasonable expectation of privacy.