Alfacam Group NV

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Alfacam Group NV is a Belgium-based company, that provides television (TV) facilities and services to broadcasters and production houses. It operates through three divisions: the TV Services division , which provides multicamera television services and wireless television services; the Eurocam Media Center (ECM) division, which comprises the multi-functional complex with 16 studios in Lint, and the Content division, which includes the international cultural channel HD1 and the play-out services for the Group. This division manages a catalog of international cultural programs in High Definition Television (HDTV) and in three dimensional (3D). The Company is mainly active outside Belgium, and also supplies rental services to clients. Clients are able to hire digital cinematography cameras and shadow telecine systems, which are designed to transfer celluloid to HD data. The Company also offers services such as editing and manufacturing of outside broadcast (OB) vehicles for third parties.