Plantations des Terres Rouges

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Shalyapina 5 korp. V, Puteaux Cedex
PUTEAUX, 92811
+33-1-46964433 (Phone)
+33-1-46964422 (Fax)

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Plantations des Terres Rouges SA, (PTR), is a Luxembourg-based company engaged mainly in two activities: the production of palm oil, which includes four plantations in Malaysia and portfolio management. The Company operates through its subsidiaries and afifliated companies, including wholly owned Cormoran, and other partially owned companies, such as Compagnie du Cambodge, Financiere Moncey, SFA Fermes americaines, Compagnie des Tramways de Rouen and an holding company PTR Finances Ports et logistique Afrique. The Company’s major shareholder is Bollore.