Waterlogic Plc

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12 Castle Street St Helier, Channel Islands
+353-1-2931052 (Fax)

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Waterlogic Plc is an Ireland-based designer, manufacturer, distributor and operator of point-of-use (POU) drinking water purification and dispensing systems. The Company's systems are used for environments, such as offices, factories, hospitals, hotels, schools, restaurants, home and other workplaces. The Company's products are distributed in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and South Africa. Its products include Waterlogic 350 (WL350), Waterlogic 3000 (WL3000), Waterlogic 1000GF (WL1000GF), Waterlogic Firewall Tap, Waterlogic 2 Firewall (WL2FW), Ultraviolet (UV) Countertop Water Purifier-Waterlogic Firewall Cube, Waterlogic 3 Firewall, Waterlogic 4 Firewall (WL4FW), Waterlogic Max Firewall, Waterlogic 2500 (WL2500), Waterlogic 850HV (WL850HV), Waterlogic Station (WL Station) and Waterlogic 2000 (WL2000).