IFSL Privalto Stabiliser Protected Acc

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Trailing returns

1 day   +0.30%
1 week   +0.20%
4 week
3 month
1 year
3 years*
5 years*
Best 3 month return+12.45%  
Worst 3 month return-6.74%  

Morningstar statistics

Morningstar category: Capital Protected

Key statistics

Total assets6.82M 
Front load3.00%  
Deferred load-  
Expense ratio-  
Management fee1.50%  
Fund familyUFC Fund Management PLC(IFSL) 

Asset allocation


Purchase information

Oct 1, 4:00PM GMT+1


The fund's investment objective shall be to provide capital growth equal to 150% or potentially greater (depending on market conditions on the Strike Date) of the performance of the BNP Paribas Millenium 10 Europe Excess Return Index (the "Index") over the same period (the "Index Final Performance") in accordance with the formula described below, and a protected minimum amount as at the Maturity Date being 100p per share (the "Protected Price"). The investment objective of the Fund will be achieved principally by the Company entering into a single over the counter derivative contract documented in the form of an ISDA Master Agreement as supplemented by a transaction confirmation with a single investment grade Standard & Poors rated counterparty, BNP Paribas (the "OTC Derivative").
Asset manager:
Sisou Transophan (Started: Sep 15, 2008)
Advisor Company:
Block C, Western House


  1 year 3 years 5 years 10 years  
Alpha*     -     -     -     -
Beta*     -     -     -     -
Mean annual return 0.60 -0.01 0.02     -
R-squared*     -     -     -     -
Standard deviation 8.43 7.98 8.73     -
Sharpe ratio 0.85 -0.03 0.02     -
* Against standard index

Top 10 holdings

Security Net Assets  
Total Return Swap 100.00%