Marks & Spencer High Income Acc

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Trailing returns

1 day   +0.00%  
1 week   +0.30%
4 week   +0.48%
3 month   +1.36%
YTD   +7.15%
1 year   +6.12%
3 years*   +8.19%
5 years*   +7.62%

Morningstar statistics

Morningstar category: GBP Flexible Bond
  Return Risk Rating
3 years Average Average
5 years Average Average
10 years Below Average Average
Overall Average Average

Key statistics

Total assets287.09M 
Front load0.00%  
Deferred load-  
Expense ratio-  
Management fee1.00%  
Fund familyMarks & Spencer Unit Trust Limited 

Asset allocation


Purchase information

AIP Initial�100  
AIP Additional�25  
Oct 23, 4:00PM GMT+1 Overall Morningstar RatingTM


The Fund�s objective is to provide a high level of income. The Manager may invest in fixed and variable rate securities and equities from anywhere in the world. At any time the portfolio may contain a combination of any or all of the aforementioned securities. The Manager�s investment policy may mean that at times it is appropriate not to fully invest but to hold cash or near cash. This will only occur when the Manager reasonably regards it as necessary to enable units to be redeemed or for the efficient management of the Fund in accordance with its objects or purpose that may reasonably be regarded as ancillary to the objects of the Fund.Generally the Fund invests in transferable securities listed or traded on an eligible securities market with power to invest in recently issued transferable securities which are to be so listed or traded.
Asset manager:
Peter Bentley (Started: Feb 2, 2009)
Advisor Company:
Marks & Spencer Unit Trust Limited


  1 year 3 years 5 years 10 years  
Alpha* 0.27 1.53 0.91 -1.60
Beta* 1.15 1.60 1.45 1.64
Mean annual return 0.56 0.64 0.59 0.43
R-squared* 46.75 57.16 43.10 31.75
Standard deviation 3.62 5.25 5.38 7.67
Sharpe ratio 1.73 1.37 1.20 0.33
* Against standard index

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