Sharing your knowledge and answering questions in the forums can have a huge impact. For example, one Google tip can help a teacher construct a class curriculum, or a particular answer might help dozens of people simplify their lives using Google products. In fact, helping others is one of the benefits Top Contributors value most about the program. Beyond the warm fuzzies, here are a few additional benefits of being a Top Contributor:

Product Knowledge

Top Contributors are constantly learning more about Google’s products and how to use them effectively in their own lives. Top Contributors build their knowledge by answering questions in the help forums and getting early access to new product releases.

Acknowledged Expertise

Many Top Contributors use the skills they develop in their professional careers, and some mention their Top Contributor membership on their resumes. Within Google’s Help Forums, Top Contributors' profiles display program badges and titles, showing others that they're trusted posters and community experts.

Special Access and Events

Top Contributors and Googlers alike enjoy connecting with each other. See more about the ways we connect through different types of events!