MyGlass for iOS

Available from the App Store.

The MyGlass app for iOS lets you set up and configure Glass from your iOS devices. After Glass is paired and tethered to your phone, screencast your Glass display to your iOS device, use turn-by-turn directions, and manage your contacts and Glassware.

To get Glass to 'just work,' put on Glass and follow the setup tutorial. If you've already set up Glass, make sure you pair Glass to your phone and turn on Personal Hotspot before you launch MyGlass. Bluetooth pairing lets you make and receive calls. A Personal Hotspot lets you share your device's data connection.

Not your platform? Get the Android or Desktop version.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the MyGlass app cost?

The app itself is free. Turn-by-turn directions requires you to share your data connection by enabling Personal Hotspot, which may incur data charges or an additional fee for tethering. Contact your service provider for more information before tethering your device.

How do I enable turn-by-turn directions?

You'll need a data connection to use directions. For more information on how to enable a Personal Hotspot, please find instructions here.

Can I send SMS messages?

Sending SMS messages is not currently available on the MyGlass for iOS app.

What are the system requirements?

You must have an iOS device running iOS 7 or later (iPhone 4 and above, iPad 2 and above with cellular connection).

Glass software needs to be version XE12 or later. Go to this Help Center article to learn how to update to the latest version.