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New! Docs on Demand powered by CADIE

Google Docs, now enhanced with CADIE technology, can help you create or improve upon all of your documents, spreadsheets and presentations – without you lifting a finger!


Essay due tomorrow? CADIE's already read the book, along with the last five hundred published papers referencing it. Can't remember supporting details for your meeting notes? CADIE can extrapolate reams of impressive corporatespeak from existing context clues. CADIE can help with everything from thesis completion to fact checking and footnoting. With CADIE's help, your docs will be a dream come true.

  • Write more like a grown-up
    Specify which Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level you'd like your writing to be and CADIE will upgrade your text automatically.
  • Finish your sentences
    Yes, CADIE almost always knows what you meant. End of semester time crunch? Don't stress. Just start typing "The theme of Wuthering Heights is..." and let CADIE do the rest.
  • Check facts and plagiarism alike
    Students, you can use CADIE to help fact-check your research. And teachers, CADIE can help check students who are plagiarizing their written work (at least from other humans).


Can't decide which type of graph to build? Need to do a survey but don't know how? CADIE can anticipate and solve all your spreadsheet-related needs.

  • Build the best model. Ever.
    With infinite knowledge of every spreadsheet model ever built in the history of humankind, CADIE can triple-check your assumptions, upgrade your formulas and even change your data to give you the model you really wanted all along.
  • Format your formulas
    Don't remember the difference between MAX() or MAXA()? CADIE does. Need help with doing an HLOOKUP()? CADIE doesn't. Lean on her. That's right, a bit more...
  • Savvy surveys, CADIE style
    Creating your own surveys is so 2008. Simply tell CADIE the problem you're trying to solve, whether it's "How satisfied are my customers?" or "Who's coming to my potluck and what are they bringing?" and she'll create your survey, figure out who to send it to and harass non-respondents until you're reveling in statistically significant and tastefully formatted results.


Attention slide monkeys – when it comes to corporate presentation creation, using CADIE means you never have to stress out about your presentations again.

  • Subliminal messages and imagery
    Need to make a really effective sales pitch? Want your boss to know your idea is the best without knowing why he knows it? CADIE can insert devastatingly effective subliminal messages and images into even the most mundane presentation.
  • Auto-generated & narrated presentations
    Terrified of public speaking? No idea how to organize your thoughts? Help is on the way. CADIE can create, subtitle and narrate your presentations, so you can be the innocent, blameless bystander you doubtlessly wish yourself to be.