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Whether you're working on a class project or something more fun, save time and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

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Team up on the same document
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Tips & tricks for using Google Docs

  1. Don't start from scratch - Check out template galleries for resident assistants, teaching assistants, and student leaders.
  2. Say no to emailing attachments - Use revision history to look at any previous versions of your documents.
  3. Brainstorm notes for group projects - With a record of everyone's thoughts in one place, no good idea gets left behind.
  4. Need surveys for classes? - Send out a form to your email lists and get an organized spreadsheet of responses instantly.
  5. Look at Getting Started Guides - Set up your first docs easily with guides for documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.
  6. Check out the Advanced Manuals - Explore the ins and outs of documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.
  7. Use forms for your student group or dorm - Collect RSVPs, organize your budget, or take collaborative meeting minutes.
  8. Make collaborative study guides - Invite everyone to the same Google document and paste in your class notes.
  9. Trip planning - Let everyone contribute to your itinerary in a document, track your budget in a spreadsheet, etc.
  10. Chat while you work - Chat is built into Google spreadsheets, making it easy to discuss changes you're making with others.
  11. Make personal to-do lists - With just a few clicks from your inbox, make sure no important task is left undone.
  12. Try spreadsheet functions - Gather stats like a team's ranking or a country's GDP with GoogleLookup.