Imagine surveying the web with a tool so precise it could predict the 2012 presidential election. With Google Consumer Surveys, you choose your target audience, type your question and watch the results roll in within hours. Get complete results in days; not weeks. It’s easy, affordable and better yet — it’s accurate.

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Ask your question

Whenever you need an answer, our simple three step creator will walk you through audience targeting and our variety of question formats. You can choose to get a representative sample of your country’s population, or to target a more specific audience using a screening question. Type your questions, choose the number of responses, and check out. We’ll start your survey and let you know when the results are ready.

  • What are the different question types available?
    • We offer over 10 different question types, from standard formats like multiple-choice and star-rating, to image selection and open-ended formats.

  • What are the available targeting options?
    • After selecting your target country, you can choose to target using demographic parameters or using a screening question. Demographics include age, gender, and geography, down to state. Screening questions are used to narrow your audience even farther.

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Watch the web answer it

We show your questions across a network of premium online news, reference and entertainment sites, where it gets embedded directly into content, as well as through our mobile app. On the web, people answer questions in exchange for access to that content, an alternative to subscribing or upgrading. We infer the person’s gender, age, and geographic location based on their browsing history and IP address. On mobile, people answer questions in exchange for credits for books, music, and apps. They answer demographic questions up front. This not only means we can automatically build a representative sample of thousands of respondents, it also means you don’t have to ask those demographic questions yourself.

  • How many questions can I ask at a time?
    • Each respondent will answer up to 10 questions at a time. If you ask more than 10 questions at a time, separate sets of representative respondents answer the same filter questions, which enables cross-question analysis, and then answer one set of questions. See an example survey with 10 questions.

  • How do you infer demographics?
    • Like many ads on the web, Google Consumer Surveys reports on the inferred age and gender of anonymous respondents based on their browsing history, and location based on IP addresses. Income, and urban density are then approximated using census data for particular geographic regions. To see what inferences are associated with your browser, visit

  • How accurate is it?
    • Accurate enough to be considered the #1 online poll and #2 overall poll in predicting the US Presidential election! Check out our resources page for a review of our in-house and external validation efforts.

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Get analyzed results

View aggregated and analyzed data through an interactive online interface. You’ll get graphs, clickable demographic segmentation, as well as the most statistically significant insights across those demographics, so your data is ready to use right away.

  • Can I share with my clients and colleagues?
    • Yes, similar to sharing a Google Doc, you can share your results with specific email addresses or make them available to anyone with the link.

  • Can I export raw data?
    • Yes, you can export the data as a .csv file and the images as a .png file. You’ll be emailed a summary .csv report upon survey completion.

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