Example Uses


Concept & Product Development

Develop new products, without the guessing games.

From idea conception all the way to promotional messaging, you can reach your target consumer for feedback along the way. With immediate access to thousands of representative respondents, you can quickly ask people to rank the importance of varying features, or find a baseline for what people would be willing to pay.

  • Prioritize features
  • Compare reactions to logos
  • Ask how your product name is interpreted
  • Baseline reasonable price tags

Market Trends

Market sizing and industry trends, without slow commissioned studies.

Understanding your market's appetite for new ideas is crucial to designing and launching a successful product. If you're a product developer, is there demand for what you want to build? If you're an investor, what's on the up, and what's on its way out? There's no need to commission a large research study just to find out if people identify themselves within your target market.

  • Understand customer demand
  • Size markets and demographic segments
  • Get a pulse on consumer demands
  • Shopper insights from people who know

Brand Tracking

Finally. A nimble way to track your brand.

It's no secret: your brand tracker is a behemoth, and likely runs too infrequently. Or perhaps you've never tracked your brand before and are unsure about how to start. Whether you want to run five questions on a weekly basis, or two hundred monthly, our timeline view gives you a visual representation over time so you can easily see fluctuations. With over 10 different question types, including open-ended, you can gauge both unaided and aided awareness.

  • Track aided and unaided awareness
  • Understand brand perception
  • Measure impact of current buzz
  • Ask about purchase intent or history

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Marketing Design

Let consumers help you build the best creative.

Whether for in-store promotions or digital banner ads, the challenge of communicating your value is not an easy one. What better way to maximize the impact of your advertising than to get feedback directly from your customers? Iteration is easy and affordable, so you can do this over and over again until you find the right fit.

  • Pick the most effective headline
  • Use star-rating questions to learn which promotion is most compelling
  • Understand how perception varies across demographics

Campaign Measurement

Measure and track marketing campaign penetration and impact.

In-store promotions. New celebrity spokespeople. Exciting sponsorships and partnerships. Each day, brands are finding new ways to communicate their message to customers through marketing campaigns. Most of the time though, these activities lack key impact metrics. Identify critical inflection points using weekly tracking, with built in recurrence and timeline features.

  • Measure campaign awareness
  • Get visibility into regional and demographic penetration
  • Understand campaign reception and reaction

Timely Questions

Resolve internal debates or gauge reaction to a current event.

Traditionally, getting fast answers has meant sacrificing accuracy. Now, with Google Consumer Surveys, you can quickly get answers from your target respondent right in the moment of that latest press release or news event. Or perhaps when your team is having an internal debate between two seemingly subjective answers — float the question out for the internet population to see, and you'll have resolution in no time.

  • Make ad-hoc business decisions
  • Gauge reactions to a current event or press release
  • Get quick answers to tactical business questions

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Customer Satisfaction

Easily track your brand's key metrics and compare them to competitors.

When you want to find out what your existing customers think of your product or shopping experience, start by using a screening question to find out if they have had an experience with you in the first place. Flag the answers that should cue a followup question so you can ask specifics about their experience, and whether they'd recommend it to a friend.

  • Track in-store and online experience
  • Competitive analysis and benchmarks
  • Determine your customers' likelihood to recommend

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Custom Survey Portals

Google Consumer Surveys with your brand, for your own clients.

If you're an agency or research group that wants to power your services with Google Consumer Surveys, contact our sales team about setting up your own custom survey portal. With your own back-end tools and front-end branding, you'll be able to own the research process — and the client relationship — from end-to-end. Stay tuned for the many advanced features rolling out soon.

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