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Google Earth Enterprise

The ultimate geo mashup platform

More than just points or KML, create a Map with custom imagery and road tiles based on your data. Synthesize terabytes of imagery, terrain and vector data to make a quick mapping application for your users. Use the Google Maps API to connect to your existing GIS systems and create search and spatial query tools. Google Earth Enterprise works with your existing GIS systems to add value to the stored data by exposing the data in 2D Google Maps or 3D Google Earth globes.

Find out if Google Earth Enterprise is right for your organization.

Multiple innovative ways to access the data

Google Earth Enterprise allows you to create 2D browser based maps similar to Google Maps in addition to custom globes similar to Google Earth. Mashup terabytes of imagery and terrain data with to your POI, road data and live data streams. Let novices feel like GIS experts with accessible GIS data. The same data can be viewed in multiple ways:

  • Google Maps API
  • Google Earth Enterprise Client
  • Google Earth API
  • Google Earth Enterprise Portable solution

Discover the many ways to deploy Google Earth Enterprise.

Your sensitive data remains secure

Create custom Google Maps and Google Earth 3D Globes and limit use to only those within your own department. Leverage the same security you already have in your current organization. Limit access to various Points of interest layers to specific groups or individuals. Learn more about the technical details.

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