Acer AC700

  • 11.6" (1366x768) display
  • 3.19 lbs/1.45 kg
  • 6 hours of continuous usage
  • Intel® dual-core Atom Processor N570
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Built-in dual-band Wi-Fi and 3G modem (opt)1
  • HD Webcam
  • 2 USB 2.0 ports
  • 4-in-1 memory card slot
  • HDMI port
  • Bluetooth 3.0™ Compatible

Full-size keyboard with keys customized for the web


Oversized multi-touch touchpad


Use the multi-card reader to upload your files directly to the web


Share your screen and connect to a projector or external monitor


With no downloads or drivers required, you can start video chatting as soon as you sign in


Boot up and be on the web in 7 seconds flat

1 Includes 100 MB per month for 2 years of mobile broadband from Verizon Wireless, with flexible pricing plans for additional mobile broadband service.

Chromebook overview

Take everywhere

Light and portable

Chromebooks weigh just over three pounds, and easily fit into a tote or backpack.

All-day battery

Get 6 or more hours of battery life on one charge.

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Powerful and easy to use

HD capable screen

Watch high-definition movies on your Chromebook’s HD-capable screen, or connect it to your monitor or TV.

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Comfortable portability

Chromebooks come with a full-sized chiclet keyboard, making working or chatting more comfortable. The oversized trackpad makes it easy to click, scroll or swipe.

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Connect anywhere


3G built-in

3G-enabled Chromebooks allow you to connect on the go, even when there are no local wireless connections.


Expanded Wi-Fi

Chromebooks have dual-band Wi-Fi, making it easier to connect to wireless networks.


Internet on the go

The Samsung Chromebook Series 5 550 comes with 12 free sessions with Gogo Inflight Internet, allowing you to connect on Gogo-enabled flights.

Chromebook minis

  • Set Up

    How do you set up a Chromebook? Don't blink.

  • Back Up

    How do you back up a Chromebook? Nice and gently.

  • Teaching Grandma

    How do you teach Grandma to use a Chromebook? Very carefully.

  • Fix Dad's Computer

    How do you fix Dad's computer with a Chromebook? When he's not looking.

  • Installing Programs

    How do you install programs on a Chromebook? Sit back and relax.

  • Virus Protection

    How do you protect a Chromebook from viruses?

  • Sexy

    How do you tell a Chromebook it's sexy?

  • Aliens

    How do you protect your Chromebook from aliens? That's classified.

  • Lucky Cat

    How do you take your files home on a Chromebook?

  • Girlfriend

    How do you share a Chromebook? With love.

  • Boot Up

    How fast can you boot up a Chromebook?

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