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December 18, 2006

Seasonal Grab-Bag Of Queries Mark This Week's Google Zeitgeist

Google Announces Top 15 Gainers for the Week Ending December 16

Searching on Google.com reflects the multi-faceted nature of our curiosity. We're following news stories, we're keeping tabs on celebrities (and occasional bad behavior), and we give the nod to seasonal happenings. This week, people querying Google encompassed all of these and more. Entertainment-related searches high on the list include those for long-time comedy star [Peter Boyle], who passed away; [Anne Hathaway], recognized as a (rising) "star of the year" for her work in such films as "The Devil Wears Prada"; the annual [Golden Globes] nominations, which were announced this week; and the premiere of [Eragon], a fantasy-adventure film.

More in the tabloid realm, celebrity queries included those for the current Miss USA, [Tara Conner], reported to be partying rather heartily in New York, which some feel may threaten her tenure; [Princess Diana], whose 1997 death was found by a British commission to have been an accident; and the world's tallest man, 7'9" [Bao Xishun], who was summoned to help Chinese vets save some dolphins that had swallowed plastic -- by using his long arms to reach in and retrieve it. Finally, sports fans were following the rumors of a possible trade for Philly 76ers basketball superstar Allen [Iverson] -- and this week also marked the beginning of [Chanukah], the eight-day Jewish celebration often symbolized by a [Menorah] candleabrum.

For breaking news and obscure information alike, people around the world search on Google. What follows is a summary of Google Zeitgeist results for the top gainers on Google.com, when comparing search queries that have risen by a significant percentage for the week of December 10-16, 2006. For more information, visit the Google Zeitgeist at http://www.google.com/zeitgeist .

For more information, visit the Google Zeitgeist at http://www.google.com/zeitgeist.

Google.com Gainers
  1. tara conner
  2. peter boyle
  3. anne hathaway
  4. menorah
  5. princess diana
  6. chanukah
  7. iverson
  8. bao xishun
  9. eragon
  10. golden globes