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May 21, 2007

Real-Time Newsmakers Capture Weekly Google Zeitgeist

Google Announces Top 10 Gainers for the Week Ending May 18th

This past week, Google searchers were busy unearthing details about a number of real-time events. There were two deaths in the news: that of fundamentalist evangelist [jerry falwell] and [yolanda king], the oldest daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; she was 51. The latest "American Idol" rejectee voted out this week is [melinda doolittle], and another singer, 17-year-old [taylor swift], won fans by singing to her idol Tim McGraw at the County Music Awards. Delving further into the realm of entertainment, Paris Hilton's "former best friend" (as she's described) [kim kardashian] is in talks for her own reality show, and [shrek the third] premiered to mixed reviews but lots of ticket sales. On the radio, XM Satellite talk show stars [opie and anthony] were suspended for 30 days because of an especially controversial segment.

Meanwhile in the world of sports, hoopsmen [phoenix suns] lost to the San Antonio Spurs in game 6 of a best of 7 series; racing fans geared up for today's [preakness], where Kentucky Derby champion Street Sense is favored to win the second leg of the Triple Crown; and gamers were all over [halo 3 beta], which premiered this week on Xbox Live: within 24 hours, more than 610,000 games had been played.

For breaking news and obscure information alike, people around the world search on Google. What follows is a summary of Google Zeitgeist results for the top gainers on Google.com, when comparing search queries that have risen by a significant percentage for the week of May 12-18, 2007.

For more information, visit the Google Zeitgeist at http://www.google.com/zeitgeist.

Google.com Gainers
  1. jerry falwell
  2. halo 3 beta
  3. melinda doolittle
  4. kim kardashian
  5. preakness
  6. shrek the third
  7. taylor swift
  8. phoenix suns
  9. yolanda king
  10. opie and anthony