Class Groups

Doodles will be grouped by the student's class. Class groups are broken down as:

  1. Class 1 - 3
  2. Class 4 - 6
  3. Class 7 - 10

Judging process

I. Google will select the best 12 doodles from each class group.

II. From these 36 doodles, our Guest Judges will select 4 finalists from each of the class groups. The 12 finalists' Google Doodles will be posted on the website on October 27, 2014. One winner per age group will be selected based on public voting. Each person may cast one vote for each class group.

III. The guest judges will also select one overall national winner. The winning doodle will be displayed on the Google India homepage for 24 hours on children's day.

Competition levels & prizes

All 12 finalists will receive:

  1. Invitation to the award ceremony
  2. Certificate of achievement
  3. A Chromebook laptop
  4. Doodle will be publicly displayed in a gallery on the website

National winner will recieve:

  1. Medal awarded by Google
  2. Invitation to the award ceremony
  3. A Chromebook laptop
  4. A 3 night-4 day trip with his/her parents, to the place in India he/she has doodled
  5. National Winner's Google Doodle will be displayed on the Google India homepage on 14th November 2014

Judging Criteria

Doodles will be judged based on the following three criteria:

  • Artistic Merit: The quality and skill demonstrated in the doodle. The student’s class group is considered when evaluating this criteria.
  • Creativity: How well the student incorporated the Google logo into his or her illustration. The logo must be readable. Unique and creative uses of the letters, background, foreground, etc. are all taken into account.
  • Theme Communication: How clearly the competition theme is expressed in both the artwork and the written statement.


Doodles will be disqualified if copyrighted or trademarked images and logos are used. Examples of this would be the Nike “swoosh” or popular characters from shows, movies and books.

Only one application per student or learner please. If more than one is submitted only the first will be considered and those thereafter will be disqualified.