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June 2010
What's New in Google Earth?

Google Earth 5.2

Announcing Google Earth 5.2
A new version of the Google Earth destop application was just released with exciting new features. In Earth 5.2, you can now graphically view elevation, speed, and other data of your favorite bike rides or runs. We also made it much easier to play back your trip and create a tour of your journey. In addition, Google Earth now has an embedded browser so you can surf the the full web. Read more in our blog post and download the latest version today!

Google Earth for iPad

New! Google Earth for iPad
This month we also announced that Google Earth is now available for Apple's iPad. The combination of a multi-touch interface, large screen, and fast processor make it a great way to explore the globe and share your adventures with friends. You can see the world in beautiful high-resolution imagery, easily navigate with your fingers, and search for geographic features and businesses. To start exploring the world on your iPad, download the free app from iTunes.

Google Earth Pro 5.2

New Features in Google Earth Pro 5.2
Google Earth Pro gives business users powerful tools to process and visualize large geographic data sets. The newest version of Earth Pro 5.2 now has styled layers, including parcel boundaries, demographic data, and historical traffic counts. Learn more about all the new professional features available in our blog post.

Soccer Stadiums in 3D

Explore the Soccer Stadiums in 3D
We're proud to feature 3D models of all ten stadiums and nine host cities in South Africa. Travel there virtually by downloading this 3D tour (Earth logo) to explore the stadiums in Google Earth or by checking them out using Earth view in Google Maps. You can also watch this video to fly to all the stadiums and see the surrounding areas. Goooaaal!

World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day Celebration
We celebrated World Oceans Day on June 8th by remembering some of Jacques Cousteau's wonderful underwater films. Follow Captain Cousteau by taking a tour of ten locations in our Ocean Showcase. We also added a new Hope Spots tour to the Ocean Showcase, where you can visit five more special places with Sylvia Earle’s Mission Blue foundation. Dive deeper on your own using Google Earth!

News from Google Earth Outreach

News from Google Earth Outreach
June 2010 is Google Earth Outreach's third birthday (on June 26th to be precise). This month, we'll take a look at what has been a busy year for us and some of the past year's highlights. These include changes, additions, fascinating trips, and news of the latest outstanding initiatives being taken on by individuals and organizations around the world to promote a global awareness of our planet, through geography. Please read more.

New and Updated Imagery

New and Updated Imagery
New and updated imagery was added to Google Earth in June, including high-resolution aerial updates for the USA, Netherlands, South Africa, and New Zealand. Many coutries also received high-resolution satellite updates. In addition, there's now historical imagery for the flooding that occurred in Nashville. Take a look at these changes and many more (marked in red) in our update post here, or view this file (Earth logo) directly in Google Earth. Don't forget you can use the View -> Historical Imagery option to see imagery choices through the time slider.

Where in the World?

Where in the World?
Can you find where this feature is in Google Earth? Click the image above for a larger view. See if you can be the first person with the correct answer here. Here are a few clues:

  • In the half of the world where the Summer Solstice has just taken place.
  • Around 5,000 people in Patagonia speak this country's language.
  • An appropriate place to be taken prisoner.
Note: Please avoid posting spoilers anywhere in the Google Earth Community. We'd like as many people as possible to enjoy the quiz.

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