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March 2011
What's New in Google Earth?

Explore Amsterdam in 3D

Explore Amsterdam in 3D
For those of you who have not had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful city of Amsterdam for yourself (or if you'd like to visit again), we've recently added several thousand 3D buildings. With the "3D Buildings" layer in Google Earth, you can now travel Amsterdam's charming streets and canals to experience its rich architectural history in 3D. Watch this video or download a KML from the Earth Gallery to take a virtual tour.

College Basketball 2011

Follow the College Basketball Games on a Map
In the U.S., the College Basketball Tournament is currently in action and you can follow your favorite teams on Google Maps with Earth view. Our college basketball tournament map lets you get as close as you can to the games without leaving your desk thanks to 3D models of the tournament's 14 arenas. Take a virtual tour of the venues by watching the video, or download this tour and open it in Google Earth. Enjoy the final games!

Post-Earthquake Images of Japan

View Post-Earthquake Images of Japan
After the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan, we have posted numerous imagery updates to a KML file on our Crisis Response page to help first responders and concerned people around the world grasp the situation on the ground. To support the ongoing recovery effort in Japan, we've recently published high-resolution imagery of Sendai and affected areas in Japan.

Marine Debris

Learn about Marine Debris
Marine debris is a global problem and affecting everything from the environment to the economy. To help show the breadth of this problem, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has created a KML tour for Google Earth. Download the tour from the Earth Gallery and watch this video to learn more about the marine debris problem.

Ski the Slopes in Google Earth

Ski the slopes with GPS tracks
When you hit the slopes this winter, track your route down the slopes (with your GPS device) and share your animated ski tracks in Google Earth. See an example of ski tracks in Google Earth in this video, or download the KML to play the tracks. Capturing a GPS track is easy -- just make sure that you have a GPS tracking device on hand before you hit the slopes. Read more about the ski tracks in this post.

News from Google Earth Outreach

News from Google Earth Outreach
This month, we'll look at the Google Crisis Response efforts for Japan to help make vast amounts of information both useful and accessible to the public through satellite imagery, informative maps and social networking. We'll also look at the relaunch of the Google for Nonprofits program and how this suite of tools helps them to connect with their donors. Please read more.

New and Updated Imagery

New and Updated Imagery
This month we added new and updated imagery, including high-resolution aerial updates for the USA, Wales, Scotland, Japan and Australia. Many countries also received high-resolution satellite updates, including Angola, Brazil, Greece, Zambia, Costa Rica, Russia, Venezuela, Thailand, Uruguay, and more. Take a look at these changes and many more in our update post here, or view this file directly in Google Earth. Don't forget you can use the View > Historical Imagery option to see imagery choices through the time slider.

Where in the World?

Where in the World?
Somewhere in Google Earth is this interesting feature. Can you find it? Be sure to click the image above for a larger view of this location. When you think you've found it, post your answer here. Here are a few clues:

  • This country has recently switched to daylight savings time.
  • Location is in a country often referred to as the "Emerald Isle".
  • This location dates back to 1253.
Note: Please avoid posting spoilers on the Google Earth Community. We'd like as many people as possible to enjoy the quiz.

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