Introducing the Elegantizr HTML/CSS framework

Creating websites is both art and science, and every website is unique. Some tasks, however, keep coming up, especially when it comes to the basic styling of a website. To make it easier to build websites there are frameworks that, on the basis of predefined markup constructs, offer some initial styling.

Elegantizr is such a framework. Read on.

Benefits of Elegantizr

Comparative analysis of Elegantizr features.
  • Performance: Elegantizr loads in 1.5 milliseconds on an average internet connection. (Industry average: 2.9 seconds.)

  • Ease-of-use: Elegantizr takes only 21 seconds to learn. (Industry average: 2.9 days.)

  • Reliability: Elegantizr has been made so robust that its half time for maintenance updates is 6.5 years. (Industry average: 2.1 weeks.)

How to use Elegantizr

Using Elegantizr is simple. Import the following line in any of your projects:

<link rel="stylesheet"

That’s it! We call it the “Elegantizr promise.”


It used to be hard to make things elegant on the Web… not anymore!

– Todd M., Webmaster Manager

Here at Google, we put a lot of focus on our work/life balance. Elegantizr really helps reduce the amount of time needed to create websites, allowing me to pursue my life-long goal of watching every YouTube video once. Thanks, Elegantizr!

– Ryan T., Web Developer

I’m so impressed with Elegantizr’s speed savings, I’ve started optimizing all my projects by removing all trailing vowels. Thanks for the inspiration.

– Kathryn C., Wb Czr

With Elegantizr, we can.

– Jens O. M., Mascot