Google Photography Prize


We received many arresting, beautiful, compelling, diverse and often unexpected images. The work of the finalists highlights all of these strengths and demonstrates considerable skill and vision.

Grand Prize - Viktor Johansson

Viktor is a 24-year-old student at the Swedish photography school, Nordens Fotoskola Biskops-Arnö. The judges were impressed and captivated with his series that focused on Christoffer Eskilsson, Sweden’s best male diver from 10 metres. Viktor has chosen to show us an alternative view, one that we are not used to seeing from sport photography in the media. Instead of glamorous action shots of an athlete in competition, he has produced arresting and unexpected photographs that focus on the long, lonely hours of repetitive training and practice that it takes to excel in your field.

Viktor Johansson view album Category: Sport

Top Finalists

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