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Study Tips for Students

Still in vacation mode? Psyched for the start of school? Whether you are starting to think about your upcoming classes, essays and problem sets or not, here are a few tips on how Google can help you jumpstart your school year.

Search the full text of over 10 million books

Read and research for your classes with Google Books and get authoritative sources from classics like Machiavelli's Prince to more contemporary works.

Search millions of scholarly articles

Google Scholar lets you search across millions of papers, theses, abstracts, and academic articles. Get a head start on your research by exploring subjects from the politics of cable news shows to the ethics of illegal downloading.

Use Search Options to find what you're looking for faster

Click "Show Options" on Google search results pages to open a set of tools that let you filter, refine, and explore search results. For example, see results for global warming from the 1990s using a timeline, filter to view recent results, or explore related searches with Wonder Wheel. Learn More.

Find sources in other languages

Looking to sharpen your foreign language skills after a long summer? Use Language Tools to search the web in any language. See results translated from Japanese to English for Kyoto Protocol.

Add color to your work

Need an image for your upcoming essay or presentation? Search over 2 million high-res photos from the Life archive on Google Image Search. Relive the Apollo mission or see how Times Square has changed over time.

But all work and no play...

We know that back to school isn’t just about studying. Now that we've covered the serious stuff, you can also use Google to plan your downtime! Check out our 15 second search tips on how to see what movies are playing, look up the weather, check sports scores and find other useful information on Google. Learn more.

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