How does it work?

With indoor Google Maps, visitors can spend less time searching for building directories and more time discovering new points of interest. Simply zoom in and out of a building and go floor to floor with indoor maps.

Zoom in to navigate

Zoom in to see the indoor floor plan of a building. You can also search within the building once you’re fully zoomed in.

Switch floors with a tap

Use the level switcher in the bottom right-hand corner to move from floor to floor in the building.

Enhance your mobile app or site

In addition to making the content available to our users in Google Maps, your indoor map will also be available through the Google Maps APIs for use in your mobile applications or website.

Madison Square Garden | See it in Google Maps

Add your floor plan to Google Maps

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Step 1

Find the building on the map.

Step 2

Upload pictures of your floor plans or directories of a floor.

Step 3
Line up

Line up your floor plan with satellite images in Google Maps.

Step 4

Submit! This will help us improve Google Maps.

Once processed, anyone will be able to see your floor plans in Google Maps.

Add a floor plan now

Google can help - If you represent a large organization, have more than five floor plans, or need help, contact us.