Competition Process

For more details on each of the steps, please refer to the sections on the left side of this page.

Step 1: Registering for the Challenge. Professors register for the Challenge and get verified by Google. Students form teams of 3-6 members and appoint a Team Captain. The Team Captain registers under the verified professor, who in turn confirms each student team by clicking a verification link sent via email after the team registers. See Registration for more information.

Step 2: Accessing Dashboard. Once the professor has received a notification email and has verified the student team, the Team Captain can access team's Student Dashboard with the Google account used during the initial registration. Next, the student team can add required information to the dashboard, move onto identifying the team's competition partner and preparing the AdWords Pre-Campaign Report.

Step 3: Selecting a Business. All teams, along with the support of their professors, need to identify a client business or a non-profit organization. See Selecting a Business for more details.

Step 4: Learning about AdWords and the Client. We recommend reviewing the Digital Marketing Course and Educational Resources. Each student team needs to meet with their business or non-profit partner to determine their goals and to devise their online advertising strategy. The strategy will need to be outlined in the AdWords Pre-Campaign Report.

Step 5: Uploading Pre-Campaign Report and Requesting Crediting. Please note that after requesting crediting, there will be no further opportunity to re-upload the Pre-Campaign Report. Once we verify the request, within 5 business days we will provide the team with credited competition account and AdWords CID, solely for use in this Competition.

Please see your Student Dashboard for details and once available, make sure to take note of your team's CID.

Step 6: Running Campaign. Once the student team receives credit in their AdWords account, they can start running their campaign over the period of up to 21 calendar days (example below). Campaigns which serve impressions on less than 7 calendar days or on more than 21 calendar days and/or spend beyond the provided US$250 (spending a few cents below/above US$250 is acceptable), will be deemed ineligible for the competition and as a result disqualified.

Competition accounts are set to PST timezone. Please do not change timezone in your competition account.

Example: If a campaign started on Monday at 9am and finished on Friday at 8am, it means that it ran for 5 calendar days.

Step 7: Writing and Submitting AdWords Post-Campaign Report/Impact Statement. Student teams must submit their Post-Campaign report(s) prior to the deadline for uploading reports, June 1st (3:00AM PST). If a team chooses a non-profit organization and wishes to be eligible for the AdWords Social Impact Award, they must append an Impact Statement to their Post-Campaign Report.

Only teams that submit AdWords Pre-Campaign as well as AdWords Post-Campaign Reports will be considered for judging in AdWords Business, AdWords Social Impact and Google+ Social Media Marketing categories.

Step 8: Google+ Social Media Marketing Award (Optional). Student teams that wish to be eligible for the Google+ Social Media Marketing Award should work with their business or non-profit partner on creating and maintaining a Google+ page (along with the AdWords campaign) for five consecutive weeks during the Campaign Window (look top right: GOMC 2016 Timeline). See Running a Campaign for more information.

Step 9: Judging and Awards. Google, and a panel of independent academics from all over the world, select the winning teams based on the success of their campaign and the quality of their competition reports. Winners will be announced in July/August 2016.

GOMC 2016 Timeline

Professor Registration

January 26th - April 6th

Student Registration

January 26th - April 20th

AdWords and Google+ Campaign Window

January 30th - May 18th

AdWords Crediting Window

January 30th - April 27th

Deadline for Uploading Reports

June 1st

Results Announcement


All deadlines are 3:00AM PST and are final.