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Publication numberDE69720231 T2
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1997620231
Publication dateNov 13, 2003
Filing dateNov 27, 1997
Priority dateNov 27, 1997
Also published asDE69720231D1, EP0931773A1, EP0931773B1, US6174608
Publication number1997620231, 97620231, DE 69720231 T2, DE 69720231T2, DE-T2-69720231, DE1997620231, DE69720231 T2, DE69720231T2, DE97620231
InventorsPaolo Bertocchi, Emanuela Neri, Bruno Burzacchini, Marzia Barattini
ApplicantFerro Italia Srl
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Keramischer Ziegel und Glasur zur Verwendung auf diesen Ziegel Ceramic tiles and glaze for use on that tile translated from German
DE 69720231 T2
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International ClassificationC03C8/14, C03C8/02, C03C10/00, C04B41/86, C04B41/50
Cooperative ClassificationC04B41/5022, C03C10/0027, C04B41/86, C03C8/14, C03C8/02, C04B41/009
European ClassificationC03C8/02, C04B41/86, C03C10/00C2, C03C8/14, C04B41/50M, C04B41/00V