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Publication numberUS1000332 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 8, 1911
Publication numberUS 1000332 A, US 1000332A, US-A-1000332, US1000332 A, US1000332A
InventorsH. H. Dyer
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US 1000332 A
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APPLIOATION 111.21) Nov. 11, 1910.

1,000,332. Patented Au 8, 1911 W 1 TNESSES 80- Due to the construction terpthe same can he carried'ln the same.

r a. I

' fieferring ings, 1 indicates the body-of t e filter which ml! 8. Dm-

lpeclflestton ot Letters l'stent.

or sonaavrrna, IAPBAGEUBEM'S... Y rooster-nuns.

Patented Aug. 8. 1911.

Application fled November 11, 1910. smnmlsauss.

To all whom it may Be it known that I, HENRY citizen of the United States, residing H. Dyna, a at Somervi'lle, inthe county of Sufiolk and- State of Massachusetts, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Pocket-Filters, of which the following is a specification.

This invention is designed primarily to construct afilter which may be carried in 1 the pocket of the user,.and thus be an article 1 which will be desired by travelers, huntsmen, etc. I This device is constructed so that it may 16 be easily taken apart or assembled, and 1s provided with-a telescoping sectionwhich is inserted in the mouth of the user for drawing the liquid ,through the filter and thence into the mouth.

a; this pocket filand so will not manner as apencil'or lh h very useful and be. in the way but wi desirable article. a 7

With the above and other objects in view, this invention consists in the construction,

combination, and arrangement of parts,;a ll

as hereinafter more fully described, claimed, and illustrated 'inthe accompanying drawlOiu wherein be ed thustrating tIh e same'as' ilt Twill carri in e pocket" ig.2-is a--ongimama-.1 section section which is secured to the gi e v the filter; 4 is a detailed new used in ,Fig. iii! a the construction of the filtersectional -view takenaloug ins 5-6 ofmore particularl to the drawmay be of any desired shape. The body 1, RS'IHIISbHtGd, comprises a tubular 2 provided with external screw threads on one terminal thereof, and internal screw threads on the opposite terminal, saidexterne-l screw r d containing a perforatedplateor 0 Car to: raminous member and c'onstitu e base or outer terminal of the filter than 'is' to be inserted in the liquid. The opposite terminal of the tubular member 2 1S pro vided with a seat 1 to diskor other foraminous mem 5, the

ferred -movement of the same.-

.tion to prevent any lgurelisa 'rspectiveview ofthepres i ent invention i V dlscl the construction 35 of the pocket filter Fig. 5 is an elevation of ment or which may being adapted to receive a capB- receive a lpeerrforated gpace between said disk and the cap 3 being led with any desired filtering material 6, as will be clearly understood from the drawmg. The internal screw threads above reto are adapted to receive the external screw threads provided on one terminal of the section 7 w ich, together with-a pipe or section 8 of smaller diameter adapted to telescope in the section 7, forma telescopic member through-which the wateris drawn a;

and conveyed tothe mouth. This pi eor section, as secured to the casing or tu ular 'membef-Q, is adapted to bear against the member 5, and thus retain the same from displacement. The 0 posite' terminal of the section, 7 is provided with. internal screw threads whic engage the external screw threads of the mouth piece orconical member 9, the latter being provided with. a central bole or opening in which'the' section 8 is adapted to reciprocate. The pipe-or section ,8 is provided with an enlarged head 10 on its inner terminal to limit the outward 1 A cup 11 is provided and adapted to fit over the tubular member9 and engage thesection by fricvorei n substance from entering the tubular mem 1' or pipe B'when the article is not use. Adjacent to the terminal :of the pi 7'which is secured to the filter. is provi ed a slot 12 ,which is adaptedtojreceive a similarly shaped per-. .forated. plate 13, as illustrated in Fig. 5. This slot 12 is so located as to be concealed when-the telescopic member is secured to the filter bod and thereby accidental displaceos's of the p ate 13. is prevented. This perforated plate or other foraminous member tends to refilterany foreign matter have esu ped-the filter body. 1 I If it'is deemed, the section 8 m be disa pensed with by telescoping it in the outer section 7 andusing the con cal member '9' a mouthpiece, but if it i,s' inconv ient to use the et filter. in this way, e latter 1 00 may be --l 1 M by drawing outthe tube 8, as illus ted'in' 2 ,us1 the, outer terminal of-said' tube as}: mqu If a it is ever a rubber'tub' "inbybe.

attached to the m s, which win readily be understood. thus fully" described myinvent-ion,

aimeda'snewisaet filter comprising a tubular body,

members carried there- 11;

what is A end or'sminous cap V, filtering material interposed between member being prevented from displacement id cap members, a telescopic member seby said tubular body as set forth.

u'ed .to said tubular body and adapted to i In testimony whereof I afiix my signature revent displacement of one of said caps, in presence of two-witnesses. ie section of said telescopic member bein HENRY H. DYER. ovided with a slot adjacent to one ter- Witnesses: inal'thereof, end a; foramino'us memben HARVEY S. DYER, .apted to be received by said slot, said CHARLES E. DYER.

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U.S. Classification210/251, 210/314, 239/33
International ClassificationC02F1/00
Cooperative ClassificationC02F1/002
European ClassificationC02F1/00D2