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Publication numberUS100123 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 22, 1870
Publication numberUS 100123 A, US 100123A, US-A-100123, US100123 A, US100123A
InventorsLeonard Crofoot
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Leonard crofoot
US 100123 A
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dniird tatre @anni dyillrr.


` Letters Patent No. 100,123, dated .February 22, 1870.


The Schedule referred to in these Letters Patent and making p`art of the same To all whom it may concern vBe it known that I, LEONARD ORoFooT, of Pavilion, in the county of Genesee, and State of New York, have invented a certain new and useful lmprovement in Bag-Holders; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full and exact description of the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawing, Vin which the ligure represents a perspective View of my improveme'n Nature of the Invention.

General Description.

In the drawing- A representsthe frame, andA B, the spout.

Tile frame is composed of standards or legs O O and D D, pivoted at a so as to be elevated or depressed by bringing the bottom of the legs closer together or further apart.

They are sti'ened or fixed in any desired posit-ion by pins b b.

The frame is provided with a pivoted pawl-frame, E, which rests under the spout and serves to adj ust its inclination when it is desired to hold it in a fixed position. l

The spout vis pivoted to the upper end of legsv O C by means of screws, pegs, or pins c 'c, which pass through slots d d of said legs and enter any of a series of holes f f and g y in the spout, by which means ithas a triple adjustment, viz: down in the slots of the legs, and vertically and horizontally, by changing the position ot' the screws in thc holes.

The `spout is in the form of ordinary spouts for other purposes, being composed of the ordinary bottom and'side pieces and having its rear end open.

Instead ot' inakingthe front end open, however, in the usual way, I prefer to make the discharge passage 'It in the bottom, and to form a break or abutment, H7 in i'ont, which serves the double purpose of stopping the grain or other material in itsl passage, and turning it into the discharge passage, and of serving as the seat for the piroted clamp G, which comes down and' clasps the mouth of the `bag when in place.

'lo accomplish this, side cleatstt are preferably fastened' to the spout, to hold in connection with the corresponding parts 7c k of the clamp, which'shut down thereon.

Hooks might be used, instead of these side cleats, to hold the bag.

The clamp may be provided with stays Im m, and if desired a spring-catch, u, or other equivalent device may be used for holding it down.

' If desired, also, a platform may rest on cross-pieces of the frame below the spout, which will serve to, sustain the bag, and the legs O O may have casterwheels, in which case, by slightly elevating the oppo site end of the frame, it may be run along ou the said wheels.

My improved bag-holder, as above described, differs from others by having a spout instead of a hopper, by which means the grain or other material may be directed and easily driven into the bag.

The rear open end presents aneasy entrance for a basket or measure, and the free vertical turning or y vibrating motion of the spout allows the same to be pitched to any inclination, and to be shaken or vibrated up and down as indicated by the arrow, to settle the material properly in the bag which is attached thereto. In a simple hopper this effect cannot be produced.

The spout also allows the material to be easily shoveled in whenever desired, by fixing itin a stationary position by paw] E, and if at any time it gets clogged, the free turning and vibrating movement, as above described, given to the spout by the hand, will settle it into the bag, especially as the mouth ot' the latter rises and falls with it.

This effect of giving a direction to the ow of the grain and of producing a Vibrating action is due to i the use ol' a spout-,and cannot be produced by the use of a hopper simply.

The spout is also peculiar in its construction, b having the discharge h inthe bottom instead oi' ai; the end, and iu having the abutment or break, which serves as a stop to the grain and directs it into the discharge.

By this means there can be no overow, and there is no necessityof elevating one side of the bag, but it can rest directly under the .opening, and the occasional vibration or raising of the spoilt will keep it properly distended and packed.

C' laimls.

What I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

1. The spout B resting in frame A, and constructed with the discharge-opening h in its bottom and the abutment H at its end, the whole arranged as described and operating in the manner and for the pur-V pose specified.

2. In combination with tbe above, the clamp G, op-

erating as described.

3. The construction of the frame, consisting of the pivotod legs G D and the pawl-rame E, as herein set forth.

l In witness whereof' I have hereunto signed my i name in tbe presence of' two subscribing witnesses. i LEONARD CROFOOT. i Witnesses:

R. F. OsGooD, GEO. W. MIATT.

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Cooperative ClassificationB65B39/08