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Publication numberUS1001547 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 22, 1911
Filing dateMar 14, 1911
Priority dateMar 14, 1911
Publication numberUS 1001547 A, US 1001547A, US-A-1001547, US1001547 A, US1001547A
InventorsGeorge L Mcmillen
Original AssigneeGeorge L Mcmillen
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US 1001547 A
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1,001,547, Patented Aug. 22, 1911-.


WIRE-STHETCHEIR Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed March 14, 1911.

Patented Aug. 22, 1911.

Serial No. 614.293.

To (1.! l whom it may concern:

tie it known that. l, German L. Mob human, a citizen of the United. States, residing at timartrille, in the county oi Ynba and State ot (italit'ornia, have invented certain new and metal lintnoVenientS in \Virohtretchers. ot' which the following is a specification, rct'ercnce being had to the accompanying drawings i This in vcntio'n relates to improvcments in 'ptitlttldt', wire stretcher-s and has for its oh- ;iect to provide an improvetl device for such pnrpos-ie which shall posses superior ad *antagcs with respect to etlieiency in use.

i'tnother objectis to produce a device of this character that can be used for pulling); stumps hoisting or any other similar uses, and will also pos ee s advantages in points of etlicieintv dural'iility and inexpensive of iuanut'iurturc and at the same time being simple in eonstri'letioi'i and operation.

Vtith the foregoing and other objects in view the invention consists in the novel featureso't construction and in the combination and arrangements of parts hereinafter de scribed, pointed out in the claim and shown in the ttCtftJIllPttllfylHg drawings in which,

l igure 1 is a view showing my invention in use as a wire stretcher. .l ig. 2 is a top plan view.

.lte't crriug more particularly to the drawing l indicates the frame which is Sttl'JSttlIitially U shape in form and continued at one end into a V shape portion 9. l ilounted in the outer ends of the frame is a rotatable drum fl having ratchet wheels 4: Formed integral. therewith, the frame 1 being mounted on the drum outside of the wheels t. A hand lever is nrovided having its forks 6 mounted on the ends of the drum 3 at a point centrally thereof. Arranged. in the forks tt are the slots 7, said slots being adapted to receive the ends of the operating be r 8. The bar 8 is held in engagement with the ratchet wheels by means of a coil sprin 9 which. is mounted on a rod 10, said roc having a hook 11 formed at one end and engaged in an eye bolt 12 secured in the bar 8, the other end of the rod protruding through an opening [3 formed in the cross piece '14- which is secured inthe upper end of the forks *3 said rod having a, l and-hold '14- :t'orined thereon to disengage the bar 8 from the ratchet wheels "t.

The trai'nc 1 is provided with the longittn dinal slots 15 adapted to receive the ends of sliding stop bar 16, said bar being held in engagen'ient with the ratchet wheels t by means ot' a coil spring 17 mounted on the rod lita said rod having a hook formed at one end thereof and engaged in an eye bolt it) secured in the ha r 16, the other end of the rod 18 protrtuling through an opening 30 formed in ain'aec piece 2L secured in the end oi the t'rame l and a hand-hold lb termed on the outer end olf said rod to disengage the bar it) from the ratchet wheels i t ormcd on the periphery of the drum 3 are a number of spaced lugs between which the links ot the chain 23 engage, the lugs 29 are spaced at 523 so that the ends of the links will engage therein and will be released when the drum rotates far enough beyond the center.

The ends of the frame are brought together at the V shaped portion 2 and are secured by means of the rivets 25, the extreme ends being formed into a hook 2t and a chain 27 having one end engaged. on the hook 26 and the other end passed around the post 528 and then engaged on the hook 26.

in operating the wire stretcher the end 2 is secured to any stationary object and the chain 23 secured to the wire clamp 24, the hand lever 5 is then brought downwardly which will rotate the ratchet wheels t and drum 3 and will tighten the chain 523 which in turn will pull the clamp it Forward and tend to stretch the wire. \Vhen the lever 5 is released the stop bar It} will hold the ratchet wheels -lagainst backward movement.

it will be obvious that various changes in the details ol construction and in the proportions may be resorted to for successfully carrying the invention into practice without sacrificing any of the novel features or departing from the scope thereof.

in a deviee'o't' the character described, the COIHbiIItItiOD of a U-shaped frame having a hook formed at one end thereof, said hook serving; ;tor engagement by a chain to com nect the frame to a post, a rotatable drum mounted in the other end oi said 'trame, ratchet wheels formed integral with said drum and disposed at each end thereof, said frame having slots formed therein adjacent;

the d rum, a spring pressed stop bar slidably mounted in said slots end engaging said ratchet Wheels to prevent the backward movement of the drum, 2. hand lever, forks formed integral therewith and secured to the ends of said drum, said forks having slots formed therein, a spring pressed operating bar slidably mounted therein, said her being adapted to engage the ratchet Wheels for rotating said drum, and a flexible e1ement connected to a movable object and 10 adapted to be Wound on the drum.

In testimony whereof I hereunto afiix my s gnature 111 the presence of two Witnesses.



A. E. Frr'rsn

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