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Publication numberUS1003326 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 12, 1911
Filing dateFeb 1, 1911
Priority dateFeb 1, 1911
Publication numberUS 1003326 A, US 1003326A, US-A-1003326, US1003326 A, US1003326A
InventorsAlbert M Broudy
Original AssigneeAlbert M Broudy
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US 1003326 A
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Patented Sept. 12, 1911.



To `wl'toma't may concern:

y Benitknownthat I, ALBERT M. BROUDY, a citizen lof-,-the*United Statesjof America, residingi'fat-Dysarh in the county tof Cambria and; State-of Pennsylvania, have invented certain -:lnewgan'd Vuseful Improvements in Check-l3ooks, lof which the following is av specication, reference being had therein to the accompanying drawing.

'This invention relates to check books, and the primary object of my invention is to provide a check with a perforated and v gummed tab,A whereby it can be easily and quickly attached to alletter or other sheet of paper without necessitating the use of pins, clips, or other fasteners.

Another object of the invention is the provision of means in connection with thestub of a check book whereby checks can be evenly and accurately replaced and` connected to the stubof the book for future reference. A

My invention aims to prevent checks that "have been returned by banking or clearing house from being lost or soiled, the check book from which the checks are removed having the stubs thereof adhesively coated or gummed, whereby the return checks can be easily, quickly and evenly mounted in the check book to maintain a record of what the checks have been used for and to serve y thereto.

j The reference numeral l denotes a suitable binding for a check book and in the binding there is mounted leaves or sheets, each leaf or sheet constituting a plurality `of stubs 2 amd detachable checks 3, the

checks being separated one from the other and from the stubs 2 through the medium of vertical perforations and longitudinal perforations 5. The inner ends of the checks adjoining the stubs 2 are provided with tabs 6 having the rear sides thereof adhesively coated on'gummed, Said tabs befSpecication of Letters Patent.

` forations' and. 5, whereby" wh y8 that are printed or th'e wise provi Application meaTebruary 1, 11.911. serial No'. 605,963.

ing separated from thelstubs Qby'l s'eniiI cylmdrical scalloped edges `7,thel scalloped edges .belng cut when'ipnovic part ofthe detached "checkl'l Each check adjacenttthe perforated edge 4 thereof is provide witlijftwo arkn i' guide lines for a vpurpose n after appear. f i" j The stub 2 from which thechec'ks are refV moved has the under outer edgefthereofadj hesively coated or gummed,"asat"9, and by simply moistening this adhesive material,

`the checks 3 can ybe placed in position to have the inner ends thereof adhesively con- `nected to the under sidel of the stub from which it was originally removed. the posil`tion of the check 3 relatively to the stub be` Yguide line or mark 'that the checks can be evenly and accurately arranged between the binding l to present a book that can be easily lhandled. and referred to after the returned checks have been mounted therein.

'As shown in'Fig. 3 of the drawing, a detached check can be easily att-ached to a g5 letter sheet 10 through the medium of the gummed tabs 6. For instance, When inclo.F ing a check in a letter, to pre-vent its acci dental displacement or loss, the check can be easily attached to the letter sheet by the tab 6 and after having been received, it can be easily and quickly detached from the tab 6 by the perforations 4. The tab remaining upon the letter sheet indicates by any future reference thereto, that a check accom- .-panied the letter, and after the check has been detached from the letter it is in its "natural Acondition and is not torn or muti- :lated by any fastening devices.

v mit-ter, it can be easily attached to the stub` 2 4from which it was originally removed,

and the attaching of the check to the stu is facilitated through the medium of the ma ks or guide lines 8, whereby after all the checks have been returned to their original stubs,

the check book will present an even and neatv appearance. V

From the foregoing it will be observed that the following advantages are derivedy by .constructing check books in accordance I with my invention. First, it. is' only necessary to perforate the sheet or page of the .check book in the usual and ordinary manner; second, that means is provided as heretofore described for maintaining the checks uniform in length and in position when returned and attachedto their original stubs; third, thatyy the use of a perforated strip across the Check, pins, clasps or other fastening means are eliminated, and fourth, that a check booky in accordance with this invention can be constructed ascheaply as the present type of check book.

A check -book comprising leaves, each of said leaves including a plurality of stubs, a vplurality of 'detachable checks separated from each other by a longitudinally-extendi ing row of perforations-and separated from the stubs by a transversely-extending row of Qperforations," a semi-circular tab foreach lcheck, said tabs projecting from said transfrom which it was originally removed, said 30 tab having the rear side thereof gummed for detachably securing a check in position .when lseparated. from-the check book, and

said stub having the inner 4side thereofgummed .for connecting a' return check 35 thereto.

In testimony whereof I aiix my signature in the presence of two witnesses. ALBERT M. BROUDY. Witnesses:

MAX H. SRonbvI'rz, CHnLs'rINA T. Hoon.

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