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Publication numberUS10036 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 20, 1853
Publication numberUS 10036 A, US 10036A, US-A-10036, US10036 A, US10036A
InventorsK. Nichols
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US 10036 A
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Specification of Letters Patent No. 10,086, dated September 20, 1853.

To all LU/om t may concern Be it known that I, JAMES R. NioHoLs, of Haverhill, in the county of EsseX, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Decanting Vessels or Lamp-Feeders for Holding Volatile and Combustible Compounds, which is described as follows, reference being had to the accompanying drawings of the same, making part of this specification.

Figure l is a view of the ordinary decanting vessel with my improvement affixed to the same. Fig. 2, is a view of my improvement with a section of the metallic tube or covering removed showing the arrangement of the valve spring, Sac., contained within it.

A, is the body of the can; B, the decanting orifice and tube.

C, is the met-allie tube containing the arrangement of helical spring, with cork valve for continuing the decanting orifice closed, when the vessel is not in use.

D, is the replenishing tube, the orifice of which is closed by a screw.

E, is the vent orifice closed by a metallic covering acted upon by the movement of the helical spring, being open and closed simultaneously with the cork valve, G.

F, is a ring of met-al for the insertion of the thumb or finger in opening the valve Gr.

Gr, is a valve of cork or other substance pressing the orifice H, and closing it securely.

I, is the orifice opening up beneath the cork valve, leading into the can.

J, is the helical spring pressing against the cork valve.

K, is the metallic rod to which the spring and cork valve are attached, also the metallic ring at F, for the insertion of the thumb or finger in using the can.

It is well known that many serious accidents have occurred in the use of the ordinary lamp feeder or decanting vessel for holding highly combustible and volatile ingredients from the accidental falling of the can or vessel, while in the act of replenishing lamps, or from the accidental upsetting of the same, thus spilling the fluid, and filling the room with highly explosive vapor.

The design and utility of my improvement is to remove these dangers by the use of the self acting valves, which keep all the orifices closed when the vessel is not in use.

It will be seen that should the fluid or vapor of the uid ignite at either of the orifices of the ordinary can while filling a lamp, and from alarm, the holder should allow the vessel to fall, the highly combustib-le fluid in a state of ignition would be thrown upon the clothing and around the apartment, and thus in an eminent degree jeopardize human life. lith my improvement such sad results are impossible, inasmuch as the orifices of the vessel are closed as soon as the hold is relinquished by the person using the same, and should it fall no fluid can escape and no injury can result. It will also be seen that however careless servants and others may be, they cannot leave the vessel exposed to danger or loss by evaporation, as the valves are by their own action continued closed. It is to be understood that wire gauze protection against explosion of the vapors within is to be used in this decanting vessel.

I do not claim as my invention the helical spring and cork valve as applied to other purposes than that of a decanting vessel or lamp feeder, but-- What I do claim as my invention or improvement upon the ordinary decanting vessel, is

The application to the same, of a spring valve, or valves, easily and conveniently opened by the thumb or finger while replenishing lamps, or decanting therefrom, whether said spring and valves be made and arranged in the manner as herein described or other mode substantially the same by which similar results shall be produced.




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