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Publication numberUS1004055 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 26, 1911
Filing dateOct 21, 1910
Priority dateOct 21, 1910
Publication numberUS 1004055 A, US 1004055A, US-A-1004055, US1004055 A, US1004055A
InventorsJohn Martin, Herman Fietsch Jr
Original AssigneeJohn Martin, Herman Fietsch Jr
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US 1004055 A
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J. MARTIN & H. FIETSCE, Jn. TRADING STAMP. Arrmouron FILED 001221, 1910.

Patented Sepi?.\26, 191'1.

' y BllSI' AVILABIE COPY narran efrarnswrrnnr ernten.



inclinan Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Sept. 26, 1911.

Application tiled October 21, 1910. Serial No. 588,307.

To all whom it 'may concern:

De it known that we, JOHN MARTIN and Herman Fin'rson, Jr., citizens of the United States, and residents of Chicago, in 'the county ot Cook and State of Illinois, have, invented certain new and useful lmprovements in Tradi11g-Stamps; and we do hereby declare that the following isna full, clear, and exact description thereof, refer 1g ence being had to the accompanying drawings, and to the letters of reference marked thereon, which form a part of this specilication.

This invention relates to an improvement 15 in trading; Stamps and consists ot' the .matters hereinafter described and more particularly pointed outin the appended claims.

In the drawings:-'l"igure l is a perspective View of a an to which is applied ,a label provided with our improved trading;` stamp. Fig. 2 is a detail plan view of a part of the label which contains the triuling,

stamp. Fig. 3 is a rear view of the same. Fig. -it le a plan view of a part of a .label provided with a slightly modified form of the. trading' stamp.

Our improved trading stamp is printed on the usual label. applied to bottlefsJ cans, cartons and the like. ll is shown herein as printed on a label applied to a can.

ln the, drawings A. indieatee a taehcd to a ran il, and (l indicates ing stamp which is; printed on the label.

rthe trading' Stamp (i ia printed with the usual indicia indicating' its value, the origin of the goods; and the like.

in order that the stamp (i may be detachable from the label, it'. if` outlined by lines of perforatioim c by reason of which it may 4() be readily torn from the body of the label.

ln that eu'ibraliment of our invention illus trated in Figs. l to Il, the stamp is pro Avided with a tab or extenaionl l), the outline. of which is defined by a eut through the label indicated by the unbroken line Il, ywhich severa' the tab from the label except that portion of it which ia joined to the stamp. This tab being); disconnected Afrom the lahelproper, it may he grasped by the label atthe. trad 5'0 thumb and lingers, so as to tear the stamp .from the label'along tlu l1nes ot' portoration.

ln the construction of the label we provide means which will prevent the rear face ot' the stamp from adhering to the can, carton or other package to which the label is tof, perforation applied. To this end we preferably print or otherwise apply to the rear Surface of the label and immediatelyhack of the stamp, an impression ot a wax preparation or of some oily or greasy material which will not adhere to the paste or glue used. This irnpression is indicated in Fig.l 3 by the reference. letter it). The impression il is made large enough so that it will extend beyond the limits of the et'ztmp in order to protect the stamp 'fully and prevent. any part'. ot it from adhering to the can.

rlhe label and trading stamp may he used without the tab l), and iirliig. t is illustrated a label containing a trading;r Stamp without such tab. Gl indicates the Stamp. ln this (anse, the linea of faerioration o" extend completely aboutA the trading stamp. ln order to remove the stamp it is necessary to take a knife or some sharp pointed instrument in order to detach one corner of the stamp from the label, after which it may be readily torn therefrom along the lines of perforation.

lt is Sometimes d esirable for convenience ot' collecting, to parate trading stamps -in a book. Since the rear face of the stamp de- .aeribed above eau not. be caused to adhere by the use of paste or glue, by reason of the waxy or greasy'impreeaion lil, the. printing on the. face ot the stamp is duplicated on the rear side of the stamp before the wax or oily impreaaion l'l is placed upon it, so that said. stamp, 'when removed from the label, may be placed in the book with its obverse face pasted to the page of the book and ita` reverse face exposed to view. The waxy or oily impreeaon being transirarent..l the printing on the reverse. yide of the stamp willbe visible through the impreaaion la'.

()|\iously. other means than that. heretofore described may be provided for preventing the. rear face of the stamp from adhering to the eau or other package to which the label is applied. For example, when applying4 the paste or gum to the label, the paste. or lrum may be omitted from the rear face of that part of the label which bears the stamp. vThus the part,- l) in Fig'. tl will, in this ease, he a blank space which is not covered by the adhesive by which the label is to be secured in place. lVhile we have mentioned the use ot' lines las the preferred way of lines defining the Stamp, it

weakening the.

ways of weakening is apparent that other represented by used in the claims.

'by thel term. lines of said lines `vvitli like ell'ectlmav be adopted and thse are to be 4understood ,as included ,VVe' claim as our invention zl. In combination with a label adapted to be pasted to a can or the like, a, trading stamp printed'y on said label, and an adhef sion prevent'inglayer larger than the stamp applied to thelreverse side of the label be` neaththe-stamp,

hering to the can or the like, said label being provided .Witli'A lines of perforation adapted y to permit the ready severance of the stamp from the label. l

' 2. In combination with a, label adaptedto perforation When and adapted to prevent the y l stamp bearing part of the label from adl Witnesses:

be attached to'a cnn or the like by ineens A of anl.'1dliesiv'e,'a4 trading stamp printed on said label, the printing on said stamp being duplicated on the reve-irse side of the stmp,

ami-1d transparent me@l s covering the'reverse.

slde of the stamp vbearing -Pnl't of the label I adapted to prevent that partof the label from sticking to -t-he can or lthe like.

In testimony, that {We claiin the foregoing CLARENCE E. MEHLHOPE, GEORGE R.' WILK'INS.

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