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Publication numberUS1004112 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 26, 1911
Filing dateJan 28, 1911
Priority dateJan 28, 1911
Publication numberUS 1004112 A, US 1004112A, US-A-1004112, US1004112 A, US1004112A
InventorsFred Upchurch
Original AssigneeFred Upchurch
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US 1004112 A
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Patented sap; 126, "19111;

. I .llnll'lllllJ'l 1 ,1 O O if l l l I l i I I I I l I I I I X I I] WITNESSES:

ATTORNEY 'jeets in view, the invcntiom U ITED STATES PATEN r f t f 1153331? To (dl'whom it nay concern: 1 I

lie it known thatl, Fain) Urcn 'ncii, a citizen of the Dominion otC-anada, residing at London, in the ilrovince of Ontario and Dominion of Canada, have invented certaii'i new and useful lmprovcments in-tl e'nce-v Posts, tion. a

-My invention relates'to,improrcments in fence posts, the primary object of the invention being to provide'af'aierally improved metallic t'ence post:particularly designed and adapted for use in connection with wire fence fabric whereby thelattcr may be readily attarhedto or detached therefrom.

A further object of the invention is to provide a generallyimproved metallic base to support and: maintain the post, proper, in a vertical positionand atthe sametime providinganeans whereby the latter may be readily attached to or detached front-the base to meet the tallying exigencies of actual service and withoutin any way disturbing the supporting base as embedded and supported in'the earth. r a l With the above mentioned and other obisi'sts in the novel construetioin arrangcme ,--and combination of parts, hereinafter described,

illustrated in one ofits embodimentsin thezwcompal'iying drawings, and particularly pointed out 1n the appended claims.

view ofthe. fence I post, proper, detached from the n nprovcd supporting base a nd having the wire clamping meniber'or face strip removedii 'Fig; 2, asideelevation of the lin proved'tence p'ostfco'mplcte; Fig. 3, a cross sectional view,'tal\'en airline of 2, Fig. l, a perspective vicwfof the improved wire clamping, member or facestrip. Fig. 5,

' a pcrspective'view of the ii'nprovcd supporting base membcr. (Fig: 6, a side elevation of one of the angular member otthe improved supporting base, detach'ed.: liig'. 7, aflviewjof the improved post member,proper, detached.

Similar:numerals-10f reference designate like parts throughout all the fig r of the drawings, p

"lhe improvedtencepost comprises a base member 1, and post; member 2, said base i a nd post men'ibers being 'preterablyof tubular form as shown and detaehably connected together, preferably, by 1: means a threaded Specification of Letters Patent. P tented SeptQ 26, 11 f Application fi1ed-Jai1nary'28, 1911. Serial no. 605,195; a

of which the following is a speeifi :1

adapted to receive and contain an anigulalih angular shaped wings 3 ,1extendifr0in tangles tothep'ing members-1?"thereof,

member 1, when the post member-"2, is

to the post. member by means of a p lu ralit spectively. 11

shaped plates or wing crimp the longitudinallyextendingavires t,

clamping bolts and nuts are drawn up;

portion 2, atthe lower end of-the post lnemher threaded into an interiorly threadedipol tion 1, at the upper end of the'tnbular'body of the post supportingbase member. H The tubular or cylindrical b ase member 1," is provided with wing members 1 prefer abl ,of triangular shape as show-mi and op positely (disposed slots 1, the latteebeing shaped plate or'nieiiiliel, 3,preferab y fofk trapezoidal form as shown, wherebyftliet tubular portion of the basememberiat right- As a means forsecnringior locking the angular shaped'plate or member 3,-1 nr,;1 normal or engaging pos tion 1n the; base;

mounted and secured' np0n the base mamhen-the baseportion of the plate or member 3, is provided with a pair of, notchesg3", adapted to receive and takeover the adja-- centwalls or terminal portions l of thefop positcly disposed slots, in the base member l; and as am hUlS for maintainingthe angular shaped platejor member 3, in {its seated'iforl lowermost position,- the angular member 3, is; provided at its top witha post receiving notch or recess 3, to re'ceive and contain'th threaded portion 2, of the postfmemberj 2, when the latter is screwed into tlie 'bas ef member 1, as shown most clearly in Fig.,'1',; of the drawings. A r, As a means for clamping or securing the longitudinal wires 4, of' 'thefenee fabric upon the face sideof the fencepos t, arelamp ing member or face strip is providedpsaid; clamping" member being reiiiovably secfu ed ot' chn npingLboItLs 6, extending through o receiving openings 5, and (iflin the clamping member or strip and:postmeinbenre The clamping membcror face-strip v5 s preferably channeled on its inner or wireen gaging side and prov ded with flangedflpor lions-,5", whereby the clamping,membenorif' "t'ace etrip is adaptedfto 'securely elani'pgorf of'thc fence fabric to prevent anylong'it r' dinal movement of the zla'tter wheir The top of the. tubular post ineinlieras preferably provided with a th readed c 7 having an angular shaped portion 'Zflthje at ter )1'()V=l(llflg mcanswvhereby a ewrenchgm y BEST AVAiLABLE COP! be used. in attaching or de'mohi the intersecting said base member through said threaded cup upon the tubular post 11L as desired.

lifiom the fort-going description, {21km n connection with ihe accompanying drawings, iiJB operatii'm and advantages of 311g verition will be readily understood.

Having thus described an GHIbOdilllQfiii) of my invention, what I claim and desire to secure by fiieiiors Patent is,--

i. A 'i'onuwpoir comprising a 121313132156 member provided with oppositely disposed 5101's, a, i'l'fli'lC/Uilifli member passing; through suid xiois and provided at its top with post revolving rooms, and 21 post mounted in said ham mmuim' and soiited in said recess where by said. hrzipmzoicizii member is retained in said b359, member. 1

in a Low-post L1 cyiiiiuiricul base momi ba l BT01 ided Wiiii Wings and. slots intermeilizito id -.vings, an anguizir shaped piiiio slots and provided with notches to receive the terminal portions of tho hitter, and irioans for locking said plate in engaged po- Simon.

3. A .Seznce-post comprising a tubular base member provided with Willgi; and opposiixoiy disposed slots, :1 irn pezoidai member extending through said slots at right angles to said Wings and provided at its base with notches adapted to receive and take over the adjacent WfliiS of said tubular base member, and a post member mouuied in said base iiiombor and. holding said i zipozoidal member in engaged poziiion.

T I W /1 .LTI LUQLLMUUJ Mi t-JJL .i mm in. m signature in meson of iwo'witnossos.

.F R 3' E.) UPC H. URCH. Witnesses Lizzm Cummit. J. H. A. BEA!,'

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U.S. Classification52/154, 256/52
Cooperative ClassificationE04H12/2215