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Publication numberUS100412 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 1, 1870
Publication numberUS 100412 A, US 100412A, US-A-100412, US100412 A, US100412A
InventorsJ. N. Jacobs
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Improvement in churns
US 100412 A
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J. uulicoes, or c'nifrrnunuu, KENTUCKY.

13mm Parma No. 100,412, dated March. 1,1870,

'IMPROVEMENT m entran-s.

The Schedule referred to in vthese Lettera Patent and making part of the came To all whom it may concern Be it known that I, J. N. JACOBS, of the town of Crittenden, in the county of Grant, and State of Ken tucky, have invented certain Improvements in the Construction of Chur-ns; audl do hereby declare that Athe followingl is a full,' clear`, and exact description thereof, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, and to the letters of reference marked thereon.

Thenatre of my invention consists in constructing thechurn in such form, andl putting it in motion in l V such a way as toeiiect the production of butter from fronts of the churn;

Figure 2,` a top View; and y Figure 4,1an end view of the top or cover.

A is the body churn, and

B B are the bed-pieces which sustain the frame, composed of the braces D 1Q D and the standards C C. These bedpieces.are made of such form, length, and weight asv to aiiord a iii-m footing for the standard, while the body of the churn is in motion in churning, and the braces are made sufficiently strong to'hold the standards rmly in their true positions.

0u the top of the body of the churn is fastened a frame, composed of thetwo arms E E and the 'ound handles F F. These'arms may be made fast on the top of the body by vertical bolts passing down through them into it.

lhe body of ',tbe churn'is suspended between the standards by metallic bolts passing through the standards near their tops, as shown iniig. 2, from their outsides, and through the upper ends ot metallic plates or lugs, d d, made fast to the arms by screw-bolts or otherwise, so'that the bearingoolts will be above vthe arms E E. These bolts are not turned in the stan dards, but are fixed fast in them, and the body of the churn, by meansof the lugs or plates (l d, swings upon them.

By this mode of suspension, the scope of motion of `the body of the churn has been made as great as is deemed practicable.`

1n one side ofthe body of the churn is made a circular opening for the discharge `of the butter-milk, or l, of water when the churn is to be washed` The interior of the body may he lined with `tin or any other suitablemetal, and the-exterior may be cov-V ered with like material. f r.

The metallic covering on the outside of the body may have soldered upon it a discharge-pipe, over, theV opening before mentioned, and this pipe may be formed of any suitable metal, and formed with a male screw upon the outside of it, upon which a cap of similar metal, with a female screw in its interior, may be titted, so that the opening may be tightly closed ,by screwing on such cap.

' The cap in the drawings is marked c.

The opening in the top ofthe body isclosed by the cover shown in g. 4, so as to prevent the Iescape of t-he milk while churning, but to allow a circulation of lips ofthe opening prevent the escape of the milk.

The cover should have an opening for au air-hole through its center; but to prevent the escape of milk while the churn is in motion, I place and fisten over the hole an oblong cover, made of tin or other suitable metal, in the form of the half of a hollow cylinder, extending nearly from one end ofthe cover to the other, and have acircular hole in each end, for the-admission and emission of air-into and out of the churn through the hole in the cover above described. By means of the cover so constructed, air may pass into and out oi' the churri while in motion, but milk cannot.

The metallic piece a may be fastened upon thel cover vas shown in the drawings, or otherwise.

Having thus given a general view of the construction ofthe whole churn, I willI now proceed to give a moreparticular description of the peculiar form of the body of my churn, and the effects caused by such peculiar form. Y

By reference tothe end view presented in iig. 2, it

will be seen that the lower part of each head-piece,

fromc down under the bottom and up to e again on the other side, is inform of a half circle, and that from the points e on each side up to f on each side, the walls are suddenly drawn in, but from the points ff the walls extend upward in lines nearly-straight, until they reach the top, with which they make angles of about -v thirty degrees.

In churning, the churn is to be worked by the handles F F, which may be raised and depressed alternately, with such speed of mot-ion as will secure the greatest agitation ofthe milk'.

By the motion so given to the cream or milk in the body ofthe churn, it is made to iow in currents, with violence, back and forth, and the walls, from e on each side of the top, areinade to strike the currents square on the head and break them into spray, and thus -ef fectually break the oily globules of the cream and form v butter; and in this process the air is made to assist the walls of the churn in'makng that thorough divisionand subdivision of the cream which is so necessary in the process of churning for butter.

The auges of the cover a n by extending over the It is scarcely necessary to remark that, as my churn has no dash or other work or devicein its interior, it is easily kept clean and dry when not in use, the butter is easily removed from it, and, moreover, it is so simply and so easily operated that the strength and intelligence of a child are sucient for it, and its construction is so simple .that any mechanic, with aid of a few tools, can make one.

What I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

1. The chum-body A, when constructed Without a dash or other interior device, with the lower part nearly in the form of a half cylinder, and from the shoulders' ico,412

e e on either side, extending up to the top on each side in lines nearly straight, substantially as and for,

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