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Publication numberUS1004474 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 26, 1911
Filing dateMar 13, 1911
Publication numberUS 1004474 A, US 1004474A, US-A-1004474, US1004474 A, US1004474A
InventorsJ. Schnorr
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US 1004474 A
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474 Patented Sept. 26, 1911.



1,004,474.- p men or w m n- Patented Sept-26,1911.

vApplieatirm filed March 13, 1911. .Serial No. 614,147.

To all v'who'nm't may concern: .ciired together as fol1ows:''-Eachof the Beit known that I, FREDERICK J. blanks 7 serves as a cover. for the eye-glass Sermon, a citizen of the United States, re case. Each of :the strips is bentzo-ver the siding at Two Rivers, in the county of Manicentral blank 1 to the position-shown m 3 towoc and State of Wisconsin, have invented Fig. 4,- and each end of the strip4 ishent to certain new and useful Improvements in form the dependingortion 14= which abuts Spectacle-Cases, of which the following is against the central b ank; 1; said 'strip4 so a specification. reference being had therein bent servingas a pocketwfor aapairtof eye to the accompanying drawi'ng. gla s s. E h of saidBtrips-4 S 0111 65 10 This invention relates to cases for eye ward the opposite side ofthe blank'l. 'The glasses ahd s ectacles, and has for its obcentral blank 1 isr,provided vat each end ect to pi'ovi e an improved case which is w1th a Sllt 'whereb the severed portions formed with two receptacles for glasses 10- of each end of said b ank may belbent over cated back to back to each other and a pair in o posite directions at an angle to said 76 15 of covers each closing one of said receps blan toform-the ends 16 and 17 of the two tacles. c receptacles on each side of said blank 1. Referring to the accompanying draw- ThG'S IIPS 3 are bent to form tubular hinge i Fi 1 i a i i p ctiv f sockets.18 and the strips 5 are bent to form I a case for eye glasses, constructed in accordpairs of tubular hinge sockets 19, each ,Of 7o ance with this invention, and showing the t e tubular hlnge sockets 18 being located two coversopen. Fi 2 is a plan view of a tween and in alinement with av pair of blank of sheet meta cut out to form the ub ar Sockets 19 and the cover 7 is hinged eye glass case before it is folded into shape o he eye glass case by means of a rode to complete the construction of the eye glass tending through said tubular hinge sockets. so

case. 14 g, is an end iew in cross sec- The strips 11 are each .bent to form a tubu- 'tion of the "eye glass case with the covers Socket 20.

closed.-, Fig.4 is an enlarged detail view in sulta y shaped Spting 21 is provided s cti h i th upper id f th winch bears against the inner side ofv each case' -fwith the covers detached, and partly Cover-7 n h s torsi nal sprilig ends, each 8o bmk away. of said ends being mounted 1n a tubular f In carrying ,out the invention, a blank of Socket Eflch 0 the springs 21 serves to sheet metal is cut out to 'form an oblong p p h v r I1 pen orclo'sed posicentral portion 1 having the proj ti g tlon and to hold 1t1n either of saidpositio'ns. .rounded ends 2 and adjacent to each en 5 on each side a projection 3 consisting of a formed w en each strlpl i and'the ada narrow stri with a rectangular opening 1 M ge f he blank 1 t ereby permit- It will be noticed that oblong openings 22 90 v 3 on one si e ofsaid strip The blank furg Certain of the Sockets 19 to be H ther is formed with a strip 4 at each side Seated therein and to fre ly rotate,

of the central strip 1 and parallel thereto, a e seieml Pa s Of t e casehereinbeforee 40 said strip 4 having at each end pairs of profi C e covered wlth a suitable covjecting strips 5, there being located between; ag 8 wl qh extends 'over and closes the; each pair of strips 5 a rectangular opening Several g psi the a s Jg- 6. Connected with each set of strips '5 is as as Over h hmged Portlons f, h

an olfilong blank 7 with rounded ends 8 and cflsmg and the Springs as shown in Fig. 1. 10.

some hat similar in size to the oblong It 1 be Seen that by means of a case -b1ank- 1, and adapted to erve as a cover for constructed as herelnbefole Set and as the eye glass case. Located between the shQWIl g- 1 i111 eyeglass case is provided strip and the blank 7 is an oblong r which 1s formed with two receptacles back tanguztr space 7 The blank is severed by to .5 ditch 9 2 1 Separated y 105 v short cuts indicated by the lines 9' and 10 Englmdmal *par n w a over on each to form a strip 11 similar to the strip 8 and slde, 0f the casmg to Cover ach Of Sand rethe several strips 3 are severed at one end ,lfl ilifl f 4 as indicated by the line 12. The strips 5 are. ,J ng described the 1nvent1on, what" I i severed from the longitudinal stri 4 a the. .I 1 4 1 119 lines indicated by 13. The severa separate A d u e eg'e glass case formed from ablanksthus provided are then bent andse sheet meta fink on s ing Of an oblong central portion having rounded ends with a short slitiii the center of each end, said oblong central ,portion forming a partition oe-' tween'the two eye glass receptacles of the 5 case, the slitted portions of the end of the oblong central portion being bent in 0 p0 sitedirections at an angle thereto to orm the ends of the two re'ce tacles on each side of the partition, thetoli Tong central portion 10 of the blank being also formedon each side adjacentto each end with a short narrow strip spaced apart from each other and bent v in iopposite directions to form tubular sockets for the hinges, and also with. a lat 15 eral projection on each side having at its outer end a transverse strip, each 'of said lateral projections and said transverse strip being'bent over on opposite sides of said central oblong portion with the ends of said 20 transverse strip bent at an angle to form therewith a pocket in each eyeglass receptacle; said blank being further formed with two oblong portions having rounded ends similar to'the central'oblong portion and having adjacent to each end thereof on one 23 side laterally projecting strips spaced apart F from each other and bent into a tubular shape to form sockets located in alinement with the tubular sockets in the main per tion of the blank to formhinges therewith, 39 said oolong hinged portions being formed ofa concave shape, and each closing respectively one of the eye glass receptacles om each side of the partition. 1

In testimo'nywhereof I hereunto afiix my signature in presence of two'witnesscs.



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