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Publication numberUS1005196 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 10, 1911
Filing dateMar 16, 1910
Priority dateMar 16, 1910
Publication numberUS 1005196 A, US 1005196A, US-A-1005196, US1005196 A, US1005196A
InventorsMaturen Gold, William Arthur Montgomery
Original AssigneeMaturen Gold, William Arthur Montgomery
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Mine safety apparatus.
US 1005196 A
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Patented Oct. 10, 1911.


I1 [E A Q M awwei M. GOLD & W. A. MONTGOMERY.

Patented Oct. 10, 1911.

o 2 SHEETS-SHEET 2. q:

wtom/ UNITED STATESjIENT ora ion.



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Oct, 10, 191%.

Application fifedMarch 16, 1910. Serial No. 545,698.

o all wlwrii. it nay'conocrn:

Be it known that we, Marinara Gone, a citizen of the United States of America, and a resident of Hayward, in the county of Garfield, in the State of Oklahoma, and l/VILLIAM An'rni'rn iiIoNTcoMnnY, a citizen of the United States of America, and a resident of Solano, in the county of Mora, in the- Territory of New Mexico, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Mine Safety Apparatus, whereof the following is a specification.

This invention relates to apparatus for supplying air, water and food to'mines and other shafts and tunnels.

The objects of the invention are to enable a miner to pass through and work in noxious gases contained within the mine rooms or galleries without injury or danger to himself through suffocation, to supply food and water in case of emergency to miners confined within the mine and to suppress dust and prevent explosions within the mine. I

To this end the invention comprises means for supplying air to the miners individually and for tempering the air so supplied, and means for sprinkling the interior of the mine to allay and prevent dust; such means or a part thereof being also adapted for supplying food and water to the miners in cases of accident or en'iergency.

Figure l of the accmnpanying drawings represents a vertical section of a mine embodying one form of this apparatus. Fig. 2 represents a horizontal section on line 22 of Fig. 1. Fig. 3 represents on an enlarged scale a side elevation partly in" vertical sec tion of this apparatus. Fig. 4 represents a. horizontal section on line l- 'tof Fig. 3 showing concentric air and water cylinders disposed in the mine shaft and provided with branch pipes leading to the mine entries and rooms. Fig. 5 represents a helmet or hood and the means for attaching it to the body for individual supply of air to the miner.

The same reference nun'ihcrs indicate corresponding parts in all thetigures.

The apparatus in the form in which it is illustrated in the accompanying drawings comprises two pipes disposed one within the other; an outer pipe 10 for wate' and an inner pipe 20 for air. By this arrangement the temperature of the air supplied to the mine is regulated more orless by the tinnperature of the water, being cooled in summer thereof.

and warmed in winter. For mines which are entered through a vertical shaft, the outer pipe 10 is in the form of a stand pipe vertically disposed in said shaft. Each pipe may be constructed in sections united by any suitable joint couplings. A water supply pipe 15 leads from any suitable source of water supply and connects with the stand pipe 10 near the top thereof. The air pipe 20 is connected with a blower 25 or other means of air supply.

Water pipes as 30 and Fifi-connect with the stand pipe 10 at the different mine levels and extend through the mine entries being preferably laid underneath the floors thereof. These water pipes are provided at suitable intervals with valved branches as 31 or 36 for the attachment of a hose 4,0 for sprinkling the mine to allay dust and pre vided with a 5 :reader 76 movable into 0- sition for discharging fresh air near the face of the mine room for supplying a group of mine workers there engaged in undercutting or loading operations.

A helmet 80 is adapted to close over the head and around the neclt of the miner, being provided with a flaring collar 81 at its lower end, event 82 in its top and a window S3 opposite the e es. This helmet is provided with-valved fexible inlet tubes 84 and 85 for supply of air to the interior The lower ends of these tubes are provided respectively with eouplin s 841 and 85, and a belt 86 is connected with said couplings and adapted for application to the waist of the miner. Either of these couplings isadaptod to connect with spy one of the air pipes 65 of the air distributing pipes 50 or 55. A helmet thus provided'with a plurality of air inlet tubes enables the miner fore detaching from-the other tap; whereby a constant supply of air'is maintained without the encumbrance of long sections of flexsupply pipes. 30 f pipes therein provided with ible tubes. The air supply system may be provided with a safety escape valve and with a pressure gage, placed in the engine room not shown for convenient observation of the engineer.

The operation ofthe apparatus is as follows: The main cylinder 10 is supplied with water from any suitable source and the air 'pipie 2 0 is supplied with air under pressure su 1 means mines can be entered after explosions and when filled with gases, and miners rescued and-bodies recovered.

The mine may be kept sprinkled by connecting water distributing pipes with water In case of necessity liquid 00d or nourishment may be supplied to the miners through the water tube system.

lVe claim as our invention Y 1. The combination of a mine, a system of a series of valved taps, means for forcing air through said pipes, and a helmet provided with an air vent and with a plurality of flexible air inlet pipes having couplings connectible with said taps.

2. The combination of a mine, a system of water pipes therein, a water supply connected therewith, a system of air pipes dis-- posed in said mine, one ofsaidair pipes beinginclosed in one of said water pipes, means connected with said air pipes for forcing air therethrough, and separate distributing pipes connected with said systems, and having independent outlets.

3. The combination of a mine, a stand pipe disposed in the vertical shaft thereof, an air pipe disposed in said stand pipe, a branch pipe connected with said stand pipe and provided with means for distributing water at different points within the mine, and a branch pipe connected with said air pipe and provided with means for distributing the airat different points withinthe mine, the outlets for the water and air being independent of each other.

4. A device for individual supply of air to a miner comprising a helmet provided with an air vent, a window, and a plurality of valved flexible inlet tubes having couplings for shitable connection with an air supply system.


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Cooperative ClassificationE21F1/04